About Caxton FX

Caxton FX is regulated under the Payment Regulations 2009 and FSMA 2000. All client funds are held as ‘client money’ in designated client trust accounts at EU institutions and are ring-fenced to safeguard them in the case of a financial crisis. Caxton undertakes rigorous daily reconciliations of its client accounts to ensure client funds are held safely and to comply with its regulatory obligations.

We believe in giving unbiased guidance to every Caxton FX client; ensuring they get the best value from their foreign currency exchange. We believe that this ensures the customer is served correctly – and that they receive excellent value on each and every transaction.

The Caxton FX team

The team that makes it all happen has integrity, commitment and, above all, a desire to help. With a mixture of skill, talent and expertise, every team member is dedicated to providing excellent service to clients.

Rupert Lee-Browne

Rupert Lee-Browne, Chairman and Chief Executive

Rupert founded Caxton FX in 2002 following a successful career in the finance and media sectors. What started as a one-man initiative has gone on to become a highly successful business with an annual turnover of over £760m. Rupert’s role today sees him guide the business, helping the team to progress and innovate so that Caxton FX maintains its position as one of the leading foreign exchange companies.

Rupert is a keen champion of SME interests, regularly appearing in the press and at events providing his unique insight and advice for growing businesses. He currently serves as the Deputy Chair of the UK Money Transmitters Association.

James Hickman

James Hickman, Managing Director

James joined Caxton FX in 2003 and brought with him considerable private client management experience having worked in the fast-paced stockbroking world. As Managing Director, James has key oversight of the growth of the business, making sure Caxton FX is able to offer value and services that benefit all our customers. He is the lead for Caxton FX when it comes to introducing new products and innovations, as well as taking part in commercial negotiations with all our suppliers.

Jane-Emma Peerless

Jane-Emma Peerless, Director of People

Prior to joining Caxton FX, Jane-Emma had a successful career in newspapers, most notably doubling advertising revenue over three years at both Financial Times Business and Financial News. Jane-Emma’s role at Caxton FX sees her head up people operations and people management at a senior level. This includes staff recruitment, development and engagement and setting operational initiatives which support both client service excellence and the founding principles of the business.

Roger Alexander

Roger Alexander, Non-Executive Director

Roger joined Caxton FX as a non-executive director in 2012; he had a very successful career with Barclays Bank and was also CEO of Switch (the UK's original domestic debit card scheme) and President & CEO of Elavon’s European Merchant Services’ business. Over the last 12 years, Roger has held a number of non-executive positions on public and private boards on both sides of the Atlantic including other companies regulated by the FSA.

Tim Cooke

Tim Cooke, Non-Executive Director

Tim joined Caxton FX as a non-executive director in 2012 bringing with him senior level experience in media, software, IT and financial services. Tim was an early employee with Logica, where he held numerous senior management positions in the UK and overseas.

Formerly a non-executive director of The Chesham Building Society, he now holds a portfolio of non-executive chairmanships and directorships and is currently Chairman of Six to Start Ltd and Clarinet Ltd. He is also Venture Partner to the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA), a leading investor in early-stage technology companies.

Prepaid Currency Cards - awards and recognition

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the high standards of service we deliver - so we’re particularly pleased when these efforts are independently recognised.

Best Prepaid Currency Card

Best Prepaid Currency Card - Moneyfacts Award 2012

Caxton FX has been named as 2012 Consumer Moneyfacts Best Prepaid Currency Card Provider. The award is based on a combination of technically superior products and customer feedback in the consumer Moneyfacts independent annual survey.

In a market growing in popularity, Caxton FX took the lead due to its choice of currency options and an excellent fee structure which afforded customers the level of security and range of benefits they demand. The guarantees to beat high street exchange rates, alongside free issuance and point-of-sale transactions, further enhanced Caxton FX’s offering.

At Caxton FX, our customer offering rests on two critical dimensions: great service and great value for money. Naturally, we’re delighted that these dual benefits have been fully recognised by this award ... and particularly since it’s been voted for by the people who count: real customers. The Consumer Moneyfacts Awards provide a comprehensive, robust and fair benchmark across the industry, focusing on the overall customer experience, and we’re immensely proud that customers have acknowledged Caxton FX as delivering a travel money proposition in which they can safely, happily and consistently place their trust.

Rupert Lee-Browne, Chief Executive, Caxton FX

Caxton FX receives top marks from consumers

Caxton FX receives top marks from consumers

Caxton FX holidaymakers favourite in new Which? Travel Report Foreign currency experts Caxton FX receives top marks from consumers in Which? magazine’s latest foreign currency report.

Caxton FX went head to head against household name brands such as M&S Money, the Post Office and Travelex and was voted the number one foreign currency outlet by its customers.

Which? compared Caxton FX with 7,850 forex retailers. The online-only brand secured a massive 89% rating from its customers - the highest score in the market and 18% above average. Assessed on its exchange rates, customer service experience, convenience of service and ease of collection, Caxton FX came out top of the poll.

Best Travel Prepaid Card

Best Travel Prepaid Card - Prepaid365 Awards

The Caxton FX card has been chosen by consumers as the Best Prepaid Travel Card five years in a row (2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009) at the Prepaid365 Prepaid Card Awards.

The Caxton FX Global Traveller prepaid card has proven to be an invaluable companion for UK travellers looking to traverse the globe

Amit Sharma – CEO, Prepaid 365
  • Winner: Best Travel Money Prepaid Card - Prepaid365 Prepaid Card Awards 2013
  • Winner: Best Travel Money Prepaid Card - Prepaid365 Prepaid Card Awards 2012
  • Winner: Best Travel Money Prepaid Card - Prepaid365 Prepaid Card Awards 2011
  • Winner: Best Travel Money Prepaid Card - Prepaid365 Prepaid Card Awards 2010
  • Winner: Best Travel Money Prepaid Card - Prepaid365 Prepaid Card Awards 2009

Best Euro & Dollar Prepaid Cards

Which? magazine – Best Euro & Dollar Prepaid Cards

Caxton FX's Europe Traveller and Dollar Traveller prepaid Currency Cards both topped the table in a recent cost comparison conducted by Which? magazine* – thereby reinforcing the fact that they offer excellent value for money.

*Survey published May 2012. Euro comparison based on the total cost of making five €50 cash withdrawals from an ATM abroad, based on average exchange rates offered over 22 separate days between January and April 2012. US Dollar comparison based on making five $50 purchases and five $50 cash withdrawals (provider's fees included).

Customer reviews

Caxton FX reviews are your chance to read impartial reviews written by Caxton FX customers who have already used our products and services.

At Caxton FX we truly value our customer’s feedback, so we’ve teamed up with reevoo. Reevoo are an independent company who collect unbiased reviews and ratings on behalf of their clients. What sets reevoo apart is their commitment to providing unfiltered and verified customer reviews, so you can rest assured you’re reading about 100% genuine customer experiences.

  • Caxton FX reviews are collected by:
  • Reevoo

How our reviews are collected

  1. You set up an account for a Caxton FX service (currency cards or international money transfers).
  2. Once you’ve got an account we’ll give you time to use our services (6 months for currency cards and 4 weeks for international money transfers).
  3. After the allocated amount of time you will receive an invitation by email from reevoo, which will ask you to give your feedback.
  4. Within a day or two of leaving a review, your feedback will be published on our website.
  5. Your review will always be unadulterated unless it contains offensive language, in which case you’ll be asked to edit it.
  6. If you don’t want to reword you review we won’t publish it as it may offend other visitors to our site.

Currency Cards reviews verified by Reevoo

Ease of use
Value for money
Overall rating
Scores 8.9 out of 10 based on 4010 reviews
1 out of 10


London GB
Reviewer left no comment
couldn't upload money
Confirmed purchase: 24 December 2014
Published on: 29 March 2015
8 out of 10


bury GB
The app is really good and clear
The charge for redeeming excess money.
Confirmed purchase: 24 December 2014
Published on: 28 March 2015
10 out of 10


Plymouth GB
When I was having trouble using the nearest cash machine, I phoned to check everything was okay with the card - expecting the normal situation, I got a hot drink, some biscuits and a good book to read while waiting to get through. All wasted :) I was speaking to a human after about 3 rings!
Not Caxton's fault but not all cash machines will recognise the card. Many will but some old ones in small villages won't.
Confirmed purchase: 23 December 2014
Published on: 28 March 2015
10 out of 10


Macclesfield GB
I could get cash out everywhere! It was really easy to top up.
I couldn't really work out how I was az ment to use it in was with 7 other who all had the same card and they couldn't either instructions please! Are we ment to convert it or just withdraw? Does it make a difference I am going to turkey for 6 months with my Caxton card in a few weeks so help with this would be great
Confirmed purchase: 27 December 2014
Published on: 27 March 2015
7 out of 10


Slough GB
Can only use Credit Card or Debit Card to put money in account
Confirmed purchase: 25 December 2014
Published on: 25 March 2015
9 out of 10


Henley on Thames GB
Reviewer left no comment
The checking procedures can be complicated and do not always work
Confirmed purchase: 24 December 2014
Published on: 24 March 2015
10 out of 10


Midhurst GB
So easy to load card and good you can not only withdraw cash but use it like a debit card abroad
Reviewer left no comment
Confirmed purchase: 24 December 2014
Published on: 24 March 2015
9 out of 10


sheffield GB
The iPhone app to top up your card is great
Reviewer left no comment
Confirmed purchase: 23 December 2014
Published on: 23 March 2015
10 out of 10


Chesterfield GB
So much easier to use.
Much safer than carrying cash
No bad points.
Confirmed purchase: 23 December 2014
Published on: 23 March 2015
10 out of 10


Carlisle GB
So easy to use and great exchange rates
Confirmed purchase: 22 December 2014
Published on: 22 March 2015

Authorised and regulated

Caxton FX Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 ('FSMA') as well as the Payment Services Regulations 2009 ('PSR'). Read below for details on what this means for you.

Financial regulations; security of your funds

As part of our permissions, we offer clients who use our services the protection of the FCA's client money rules.

View our permissions

Money laundering

Caxton FX is fully committed to protecting the integrity of its transfer system - view our strict

Anti-Money Laundering policy

How does it work?

Caxton FX offers "Client Money protection" on all currencies that we exchange. If you send money to us prior to a transaction taking place and if we hold money for you after an FX transaction has been completed or if we are holding money for you with respect to designated investment business as defined by the rules of the FCA, then we hold your funds under "Client Money protection".

Is my money safe?

Caxton FX holds all "Client Money" to the standard set out in the Financial Conduct Authority's Client Money rules. This means we segregate "Client Money" from the company's money and hold it separately in an EEA-regulated credit institution. The credit institution has specifically acknowledged that the money in these accounts belongs to our clients and they have no right of set-off with any of the firm's balances. This arrangement is designed to ensure that "Client Money" is not at risk in the unlikely event of Caxton FX getting into financial difficulties. These arrangements are checked and verified by our auditors.

Client Money has the specific definition of "money of any currency which, in the course of carrying on designated investment business, a firm holds in respect of any investment agreement entered into, with or for a client, or which a firm treats as client money in accordance with the client money rules." It is important to note that spot and forward foreign exchange transactions are not regulated activities. This means that, during the actual settlement process for your FX transaction, your funds are not held in segregated Client Money accounts and is not deemed to be Client Money at that time.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

In respect of designated investment business only (see above), client money held by Caxton FX is also covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). For clarity, designated investment business does not include spot or forward FX transactions but does include currency options. Private investors, as defined by the FCA (which includes small companies), are covered by the scheme up to a limit of £85,000 per person per firm. For clarification, neither Foreign Exchange nor Payment Services are regulated investment products and so do not fall under the FSCS. Further details of the compensation scheme are available from the FSCS website www.fscs.org.uk.

If you need further clarification on this matter, please refer to our account management team on 0845 658 2223 or e-mail them on info@caxtonfx.com

What am I asked to do?

When you apply for a Caxton FX currency card, you will be asked to confirm your identity and other personal details. Caxton FX has established special verification systems to confirm your identity.


You could be asked to confirm your identity whether you are applying to be a new customer or have been a customer for some time. While our identity verification systems are designed to minimise any inconvenience for you, the verification process may take a day or so to complete.


Crime and terrorism need cash. Criminals turn the 'dirty' money made from drug smuggling, trafficking and other organised crime into clean money by using false identities or taking the names of innocent people - like you. Making sure that people are who they say they are is essential in the fight against crime and terrorism. This does not mean in any way that suspicion is falling on you. Any information about your identity is held confidentially and will help stop your identity being used falsely.

Who is involved?

HM Government and all organisations involved in financial services - all are united in their determination to stop the spread of financial crime as part of an international effort to protect us all against crime and terrorism.

Your co-operation is vital to the successful fight against crime and terrorism.

What the UK law requires:

  • We are required to verify your identity and address.
  • We are required to keep full records of all transactions together with the identification provided.
  • We are required to monitor any unusual or suspicious transactions of any size.
  • We have a legal obligation to report to the UK National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS) any suspicious transaction.

Caxton Allstars

Caxton FX launches sponsorship with British golfer Mel Reid

We are supporting the careers of up and coming female sports stars with our sponsorship programme. Our ambassadors – The Caxton Allstars  – are all using and promoting the Caxton FX card on their international travels and we are working with them to increase the coverage of women in sportand to inspire young females, and others, to follow in their footsteps.

Our ambassadors include:

You can find out more about the Caxton Allstars and the campaigns  we’re working on by clicking the link below.

Find out more