Currency Solutions

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Protect your wealth by making the foreign exchange market work for you. Buy currency when the rate is right and we’ll look after your money until you need to make the payment.

Speak with a Premier Account Manager today who can talk you through the type of solution that best fits your needs and timings at no cost. Call +44 203 457 1172.

Spot contracts are the simple, fast and effective way to buy money to move overseas quickly. Secure that day’s rate with the ability to pay in up to four working days.

Don’t miss out on your target rate. Once signed, limit orders authorise your account manager to automatically execute a trade should the rate become available during an agreed time frame.

The right rate can often come at the wrong time. Forward contracts allow you to secure an optimum currency rate with a deposit, then defer the final payment until a specified date in the future.

The best laid plans often go awry. Similar to forward contracts, flexi-forwards also allow a degree of flexibility on the date you make the final payment.

‘Options’ * offer the right but not the obligation to buy currency on a future date. After the contract is signed you can choose to buy at a different rate should the market move in a favourable direction.


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