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Moor currency for their money.

Moor Beer Company, began as a small 5 barrel operation in 1996, brewing local beers designed to reflect the local Levels and Moors heritage in Somerset. The company grew in popularity and were awarded with some of the UK’s most prestigious industry awards.

Maryann Hawke, Finance Director at Moor Beer, was making regular spot payments to her European Keg supplier using her bank. During conversations with Caxton FX, she commented “we were provided a live rate comparison and realised that sending payments through the bank was expensive, with little to no advisory service.” 

Caxton FX adds significant value to their clients through gaining insight into their business operations. “Caxton took the time to understand our procurement processes and to highlight where we could cut costs,“ Maryann said.

For thousands of Caxton FX clients; opportunities to protect the bottom line can be better managed by planning ahead. Caxton FX provide dedicated account managers to help identify the optimal time to lock in an exchange rate for a payment at a later date. “In the lead up to Brexit we were uncertain when would be the right time to buy currency. Caxton FX provided market commentary and guidance, ultimately saving us 13% and helping us to protect our profit margins“ said Maryann.

Following recent changes to UK tax law and growing demand for craft beers, the domestic industry is seeing an exponential growth of small independent breweries. Thankfully, Moor Beers has a portfolio of stable brands, and through improved financial efficiencies, remains in a great position to continue to lead the industry.

Maryann said “I would recommend Caxton FX’s services without hesitation to any UK independent brewery. Their service and industry knowledge is second to none, and they’ve helped us save significant costs as a business.”

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Using Caxton protects our profit margins

Maryann Hawke Finance Director Moor Beer
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