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CaféDirect was the first pioneering company to bring the Fair trade certified coffee to the UK. Purchasing directly from the small farmers, ensures these communities receive a fair price for coffees, teas and cocoa.

Rachel Johnstone, Head of Finance, was keen explore a fairer way to make currency payments. Just like the farmers and workers she supports, Rachel wanted to partner with a company that believed in a fairer marketplace.

Caxton FX has challenged the big banks for over a decade, providing fair pricing with high quality service to its Clients. For companies like Cafedirect, the longer term commitments with international suppliers, meant the volatility of currency change over a 6, 12 or 18 month period was a concern.

Rachel previously used her business bank to make currency trades and hedges. However, it became apparent that the “higher charges and lack of service was unfair on our business”.

“As soon as we opened a Caxton FX Account, their FX specialists were able to quickly identify appropriate hedging products” that would minimise the effects of currency changes. Caxton FX specialists monitor the markets in real time, “this means I have the assurance our FX situation is covered.”

“We build strong relationships with our Farmers. We pay a fair price for a high quality product. We see Caxton FX as a partner and appreciate their support in providing hedging products. They have even customised hedges to suit our needs.”

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Rachel Johnstone Head of Finance of CaféDirect
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