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International Payments for Business

Although an account with your business bank is a necessity, when your business is international, specialist currency services become costly. A Caxton Multi-Currency Account provides your business a faster, cheaper and transparent set of currency services supported by an FX Consultant and our currency experts at no extra cost.

Competitive rates with no fees or charges

Caxton stands above all others by providing highly competitive rates on international payments supported by an experienced team of currency experts all without any additional fees or charges.

International Payments

Highly competitive rates

No fees or charges

Personal FX Consultant

Dedicated Caxton FX Consultant

All clients are provided a highly skilled FX Consultant to execute all your international business payments, who will work closely with you to understand your international payment requirements and how Caxton can best support you.

Caxton FX is authorised and regulated by the FCA. This means you can be confident that we will handle your business with due skill, care and diligence.

All managers and consultants are supported by a team of currency analysts ensuring you are immediately informed of any significant market movements that could affect the value of your international payment.

Telephone trading

For advice, guidance, live quotes or to make a trade, sometimes you need to speak to a real person. Our FX Consultants are just on the other end of the phone, ready to answer your questions and provide expert advice. Of course, our website is available to make transactions 24/7.

Multi-Currency Account

When your business is international, working with different currencies through your business bank can be costly to set up and use, both in terms of time and money. As a Caxton client, we provide you with a single Multi-Currency Account capable of sending and receiving payments in up to 33 currencies. Of course, we provide highly competitive rates, zero transaction fees and a dedicated FX Consultant as standard, and can have you set up, ready to make International Payments in a matter of hours.

Speak to an FX Consultant on 0207 042 7629 or apply online

Rate Watch

We all want to be in control, and now you can by setting your own rate alert in your Caxton FX Account. This will allow you to get notified by email as soon as your ideal exchange rate becomes available, with no obligation to trade.

Limit Order

You can place a Limit Order to instruct us to trade if the market reaches a particular level. This is a contractual obligation that you will be required to honour if we are able to book at the rate you have specified.

Our FX Consultant is first rate. His ability to manage numerous currency exchanges and complete the payments on the same-day ensures our commitment to our small farmers are met.

Finance Manager, Leading coffee bean buyer in the not-for-profit sector

Online International Payments

No overseas transfer fees

Banks can charge fees for every transaction and, with multiple payments per month, the costs can get expensive. No matter what your transfer size, we'll provide you with a fee free international payment service that can save your business money on every transfer.

24/7 online service

Manage your account when it’s convenient for you. The Caxton website is simple to use, enabling you to buy currency and initiate payments 24/7. You can also view and download your transaction history so it can easily be imported into your accounting processes.

Live currency exchange rates online

Benefit from a fully transparent service with no hidden costs or charges, with up to the minute rates. Have the information you need to trade available whenever you need it, along with currency information and account details.

How your business can benefit by using Caxton FX international payments

Overseas Suppliers

Pay suppliers without having to pay the banks for expensive fees and exchange rates.

Company to company

Make sure your funds are where they need to be by transferring overseas holdings into Sterling, or sending money to overseas branches.


Pay workers abroad without incurring expensive fees with our fee free International Payments.

Overseas Events

Participation in international exhibitions made easy. Save money using our competitive exchange rates and gain further by using your Caxton Card for your overseas travel and expenses.

Receiving payments

Accept payments in most currencies and Caxton will not charge you for receiving your funds.

Overseas Offices

Make your international real estate payments through Caxton and save on typical bank fees and currency exchange rates.

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Foreign Currency Exchange Services Terms and Conditions

See terms and conditions for fees, charges and restrictions.

Our services are perfect for your business

We offer a comprehensive global currency service, and specialise in delivering bespoke solutions to your business’ foreign exchange needs. Our experienced and expert team members will discuss your approach to reducing your business travel costs and managing currency risks cost-effectively.

Get in touch - speak to one of our FX Consultants for a personalised quote >

Speak to an FX Consultant today

Speak to an FX Consultant today

Our team of currency experts are available to assist with your next International Payment.