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Multi-Currency Account

When your business is international, working with different currencies through your business bank can be costly to set up and use.

As a Caxton FX client, you will get a single Multi-Currency Account capable of sending and receiving payments in up to 33 currencies and featuring Company IBANs in your business name. For even greater freedom, load currency on to your associated Caxton FX Business Currency Card and use it as you would a debit card, to spend or withdraw cash and without any charges from Caxton FX.

Of course, we provide highly competitive rates, zero transaction fees and a dedicated FX Consultant as standard, and we can have you set up and ready to make International Payments in a matter of hours.

Company IBANs

  • Multi-currency IBANs in your company name.
  • Eliminates the need to reveal Caxton as your payment intermediary.
  • Send and receive payments in your own company name.
  • Promotes your brand and professionalism.

Company IBANs cover 22 major currencies

  • Sterling Company IBAN: GBP
  • Euro Company IBAN: EUR
  • International Company IBAN  (20 currencies): AED, AUD, CAD, CHF, CZK, DKK, HKD, HUF, ILS, JPY, MXN, NOK, NZD, PLN, SAR, SEK, SGD, TRY, USD, ZAR
  • Remaining 11 Caxton currencies are managed via the generic Caxton IBAN: BBD, CNY, INR, KES, KWD, MAD, MUR, OMR, QAR, TBH, XCD

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Our services are perfect for your business

We offer a comprehensive global currency service, and specialise in delivering bespoke solutions to your business’ foreign exchange needs. Our experienced and expert team members will discuss your approach to reducing your business travel costs and managing currency risks cost-effectively.

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