Manage your foreign exchange risk with our hedging strategies

FX risk is now a key driver of corporate earnings volatility. It can negatively impact your business profits, leave the bottom line in bad shape, and ultimately diminish shareholder value.

But don’t worry – we have ways to mitigate these problems and turn them into opportunity.

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Our solutions to manage your currency risk and help protect your profits

Forward contract
A forward contract lets you lock in an exchange rate for a period of up to 18 months.
FX Options
As with a Forward, you can lock in a rate for a date in the future but you can benefit if the market moves in your favour
Market orders
This is an instruction you give to let us act for you. We use our global FX market monitoring service to secure your target exchange rate.


The benefits of hedging

Ultimately, hedging is a way to protect your business against adverse FX market conditions and helps to insure profits by locking in an exchange rate in advance.

For example, you make regular imports but the FX markets shift, resulting in fluctuating costs. By hedging your exposure with a forward contract or FX option, you can forecast with ease and protect your profits.

A simple 4 step approach

Your job is busy enough without watching FX markets. Let us manage your FX risk with a service that’s trusted by thousands of UK businesses. We’ll help you build your plan in 4 simple steps to optimise your cashflow and protect profits:


Define your business objective and risk appetite


Decide an appropriate hedging ratio for your business risk


Analyse suitable FX solutions available


Execute and constantly review performance

The Currency Risk Calculator

Assess how well protected your business is against adverse FX market conditions.

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