Protect your profits and cashflow against currency fluctuations

Have our team assess how well protected your business is against adverse FX market conditions, with a free currency risk consultation. 

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Forecast with ease, prevent currency losses

Predictability, accurate forecasting and preventing unexpected currency losses are the main reasons your business will employ a hedging strategy.

If you make regular imports or pay suppliers in foreign currencies, shifts in the FX market could result in fluctuating costs. Working with the Caxton strategic hedging desk, your business can manage exposure with a selection of Forward contracts or FX Options.

Transfer your risk, forecast with ease and protect your profits.

Sterling / US Dollar - 2019


Limit Exposure to Market Changes

Engcon have been manufacturing construction equipment in Sweden since 1990. When they began to grow, they faced a potential problem: to expand they needed to export, but if currency exchange rates varied, those international sales could lose them money. Caxton were able to help Krister Blomgren, CEO of Engcon, to expand his business successfully by limiting their exposure to changes in the market.

“Caxton limits our exposure to changes in the market. We’re able to sell internationally and actively manage our foreign exchange rate. Caxton came up with a derivatives plan that meant that we could guarantee our exchange rates, even though planning for Swedish Krona can be more difficult.”

Learn how to mitigate currency exchange risk

76% of UK businesses say currency volatility negatively impacts their bottom line and 69% of companies absorb losses from currency exchange. Don’t let currency exchange risk hurt your company.

Download our Currency Risk Management report to understand the impact of FX volatility and how hedging can save money and boost your bottom line.

Forward contract

A forward contract lets you lock in an exchange rate for a period of up to 24 months.

FX Options

Lock in a rate for a date in the future but still benefit if the market moves in your favour

Market orders

An instruction to let us act for you. We use our monitoring service to secure a target rate.


Supporting cash flow and growth

Outplay Entertainment is the largest independent mobile game developer in the UK, with over 100 million downloads globally. With continued year on year growth, international payments and FX requirements became critical to their business model. Caxton helped them achieve sharper rates of exchange, made international payments more efficient and provided the expert market insight and guidance they needed to ensure they can concentrate on growing their business.

‘Ever since meeting Caxton to discuss our requirements, we’ve held a very strong relationship with them. Not only do they provide us with great rates, which is key when transacting seven figure sums annually, but they provide astute market guidance to help us make informed decisions’, said Gillian Gray, CFO at Outplay Entertainment. ‘I don’t need to spend all my time watching the markets and can now focus on business growth.’

A simple 4 step approach

Whether you want to be actively managing risk or have us do it for you, our service is trusted by thousands of UK businesses. We’ll help you build your plan in 4 simple steps to optimise your cash flow and protect profits:


Define your business objective and risk appetite


Decide an hedging ratio for your business risk


Analyse suitable FX solutions available


Execute and constantly review performance

Get a free currency risk health check

Have our team assess how well protected your business is against adverse FX market conditions, with a free currency risk consultation. After assessing your goals and current methods our expert team will offer clear and practical advice that could help you use the right tools to protect your company's bottom line. 

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The Currency Risk Calculator

Assess how well protected your business is against adverse FX market conditions using our online currency risk calculator.

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Get a free currency risk health check

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