Our Buy Back Guarantee on your Currency

From 5th December the Caxton Buy Back Guarantee won't be available until early next year whilst we make some improvements.

We’ll buy back your unused currency at the same rate you bought it for, so if the exchange rate changes, you won't lose out. Guarantee your buy back of any unused currency at the same rate you bought it for, or £4.99. All you need to do is take out our Buy Back Guarantee when you buy your travel money and, after your trip, we’ll buy back your leftover currency from you at the exact same exchange rate that you bought it for. Buy Back Guarantee makes it easier for you to load your travel money onto your card in one go, so you don’t have to keep topping up and loading money while you’re away.


Just tick the box and add it onto your order at the time of purchasing your currency online.


Transfer all of your travel money in one go, and lock in the same currency exchange rate for buying and selling back to us.


Allows you to accurately budget your travel money, no matter what happens to the exchange rates.

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Buy Back Guarantee FAQs

What is Buy Back Guarantee?

It’s a new feature we’ve just launched. We’ll guarantee that you can buy back any of your leftover currency at the same rate that you originally purchased it for. Guaranteed.

Why would it be good for me?

Buy Back Guarantee puts you in control of your travel money, and removes the uncertainty of the ever changing currency market. Just as you lock-in the currency you buy when loading your card, you can have the option to get back any leftover currency, at exactly the same rate.

How much does it cost?


Sounds great, how do I get it?

If you’re new to Caxton, you can get the Buy Back Guarantee on your first load, please bare in mind there is a minimum mandatory load of £10 on your first load. So, to get the most out of the Buy Back Guarantee, we recommend you load all of your travel money in one load, as we only allow one Buy Back Guarantee per currency.
When you’re loading your currency card with your travel money, you’ll see an option to buy the Buy Back Guarantee for that particular transaction. Just tick the box, and after your travels, you have the option to buy back any leftover currency.

How can I make the most of Buy Back Guarantee?

We suggest that you load your travel money in one load, and use the Buy Back Guarantee for the entire amount. That way your entire travel money will be covered at the same rate.

How do I get my leftover travel money back?

A. When you log into your online account, chose Redeem Balance from the menu, you’ll be able to see how much money you have available to buy back. Just click on the Buy Back button and the card you used to originally load your card will be credited with your Buy Back guarantee balance. Credits can take up to four days to arrive back at the funding card.

Will the card I used to buy my travel money be credited back?

Yes, we’ll automatically credit the same card you used when you bought currency.

Can I get back part of my balance?

Yes, when you log onto your account online, you’ll have the option to buy back part, or all of your buy back balance. We do however only allow one buy back redemption per Buy Back Guarantee purchased.

What if I don’t go on holiday and just wish to get my refund?

The Buy Back Guarantee is designed to help holiday makers and travellers budget their spending money, by knowing they can get any unused currency back at the same rate they bought it for. It’s not designed for currency trading, and we therefore stipulate that you have to make an overseas transaction or ATM withdrawal. If you’ve loaded your card, but don’t go on holiday, you still have the option to redeem your balance for a fee of £1.50.

What if the exchange rate moves in my favour? Can I still use the redeem balance function, and not the Buy Back Guarantee?

Yes, we want to give you flexibility. If you chose not to use your Buy Back Guarantee and use the ‘redeem balance’ function, you can chose to do that.

How long can I use my Buy Back Guarantee for?

You can use the Buy Back Guarantee from 30 days of your first overseas transaction, or ATM withdrawal, or 90 days from the date you bought the Buy Back Guarantee, whichever comes first. On expiry of the Buy Back guarantee option, the Buy Back button will automatically disappear and the normal spot rate will be used to calculate the redemption amount. You must use your card abroad.

Can I retrospectively get the Buy Back Guarantee on my older currencies?

No. You can only get the Buy Back Guarantee for currencies that you are buying now.

Does Buy Back Guarantee work across all 14 currencies?

Yes, you can choose to use the Buy Back Guarantee across all of the currencies we support.

Can I get it on some currencies but not others if I do them all in one transaction?

You can only buy one currency at a time from Caxton FX.

If I buy currency on the app, can I get Buy Back Guarantee afterwards online?

No, the Buy Back Guarantee is only available through caxtonfx.com, it’s not available through the mobile App, yet. We recommend that you load your travel money in one large load, and use the Buy Back Guarantee for your entire holiday money.

Can I change my mind after I’ve bought it?

No, once you’ve bought the Buy Back Guarantee, we are unable to refund it.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount that is covered by the guarantee?

The current minimum load of £100, and the maximum single load of £6,500 applies to a maximum load amount.

What if the card expires during the Guarantee period?

Everything will be fine, your Caxton account will still be active, and should you wish to redeem using the Buy Back Guarantee the card you used to load your Caxton card will be automatically credited. We automatically send you a replacement card a month before your card expires, and once you activate your new card, your old card becomes redundant.

I plan to visit USA and Spain. Does guarantee cover me for both Euro and USD or do I have to take out a guarantee for each currency?

As you’ll load your card with each separate currency you’ll need to get the Buy Back Guarantee for each currency you’ve bought.

How long is the guarantee valid for?

The Buy Back Guarantee is valid for 30 days from your first spend, or 90 days from the date you bought it, whichever comes first.

Can I add further amounts to be covered by the guarantee?

No, we are limiting the Buy Back Guarantee to one currency at a time, so you can purchase the Buy Back Guarantee once for Euros, and once for other currencies. We recommend you load your travel money in one load and get the Buy Back Guarantee for all of your travel money.

Can I guarantee currency that is already on the Card?

No, you cant retrospectively guarantee currency you’ve already bought.

What rate do I get with the guarantee?

We guarantee to give you the same exchange rate for which you bought your currency.

Can I extend the guarantee?


Buy Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Buy Back Guarantee is available to Caxton FX customers online only.
2. Buy Back Guarantee redemptions are valid for 90 days from purchase and must be redeemed by you, online, within 30 days from the date of your first overseas transaction or ATM withdrawal, whilst not exceeding the 90 day validity period.
3. If you choose not to utilise the buy back guarantee within the periods specified above (2) the Buy Back Guarantee will expire and not be refunded.
4. Only one Buy Back Guarantee transaction can be completed in relation to each individual currency purchase.
5. The redemption amount cannot be more than the original load amount upon selecting the Buy Back Guarantee.
6. Buy Back Guarantee is non-transferable between currencies.
7. Buy Back Guarantee applies only to prepaid MasterCard online card currency loads.
8. Caxton reserves the right to change the terms of or withdraw the Buy Back Guarantee at any time and with immediate effect. Any existing Buy Back Guarantees will be honoured.
9. Buy Back Guarantee must not be used for speculative purposes.
10. Full Caxton FX terms & conditions apply to the use of all services.