Foreign exchange risk management for International Payments

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Greater control of your money

No matter how big or small your international transfer is, if you need to send money abroad, the rise and fall of currency rates can affect the value of your purchase.

Competitive rate with no fees

As a foreign exchange specialist, Caxton can offer you more competitive rates than the high street banks. With no commission and no transfer fees, we can help you make the most of your money.

Personal Account Manager

Every client has a dedicated Account Manager, who is waiting to take your call when you want to talk about your options. Tasked with developing customised exchange solutions to match the needs of your international transfer and limiting your currency exposure, they take the hard work out of international transfers.

Smart exchange rate management

Ensuring that you get the best value when transferring your money overseas isn’t always easy. We can help.

We'll watch the exchange rate for you

If you are looking to achieve a certain rate. We will put a Rate Watch into the market and contact you when the rate has moved to where you’d like it to be, with no obligation to trade.

We'll book a trade when your desired rate is reached

You can make a Limit Order that instructs us to trade if the market reaches a particular level. You have a contractual obligation to honour this agreement if we are able to book at the rate you have specified.

Caxton International Payments Service

  • Make your first payment within minutes
  • Excellent exchange rates
  • No transfer fees or charges
  • A specialist account manager to help you over the phone for larger payments

Unbeatable on larger International Payments. Guaranteed.
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