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Buy Back Guarantee


Buy Back Guarantee is available to Caxton customers through only.

You must make an overseas transaction in the guaranteed currency before you will be able to redeem the product.

You must redeem the product within 90 days of purchase and within 30 days of your first overseas transaction in the guaranteed currency.

The Buy Back Guarantee can be applied only once and only for the currency against which it was purchased.

The total value of protected currency (purchased by your Buy Back Guarantee) will start to reduce upon your first spend overseas, even if you have pre existing funds on your account.

The amount of redeemed currency cannot be more than the original load amount against which the Buy Back Guarantee purchased.

Buy Back Guarantee is non-transferable between currencies.

Buy Back Guarantee applies only to MasterCard prepaid cards loaded through

Caxton reserves the right to change the terms of or withdraw the Buy Back Guarantee at any time and with immediate effect. Any existing Buy Back Guarantees will be honoured.

Buy Back Guarantee must not be used for speculative purposes.

Full Caxton terms & conditions apply to the use of all services.

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