When it comes to booking time away, many of us will often rely on those last-minute deals to make some savvy savings. But what if we told you that actually booking your out-of-season holiday now could deliver even greater savings and help you stick within your holiday budget?

Not convinced? Well, read on, as this post will be looking at a variety of ways booking your holiday now could be just the ticket to help you manage your holiday finances effectively and pay less for your travels in the process.


Shop around for the best deals

One of the biggest advantages booking your holiday early brings is the gift of time, which provides plenty of opportunities to shop around - all without the pressure to book quickly and secure last-minute availability for flights and accommodation that you can afford. With more breathing room to really scour through the holiday deals and keep an eye out for any amazing offers that pop up on flights or one-off packages, it’ll be easier to find the best deals that meet your requirements, both financial and personal.

The other advantage of seizing the day sooner rather than later is that you’re more likely to have a greater selection of destinations, prices and flights to choose from, as things won’t have started to get booked up yet. As a result, you may find you’re able to afford to go to a destination that’s previously been too expensive, or have first pick on added extras like excursions, meal packages or kids’ clubs that are normally booked-up or too pricey when booking a late deal.


Stagger the big payments

There’s no escaping the fact that holidays can be an expensive outlay, particularly if you have to pay for the whole thing upfront. However, the plus side of booking your vacation in advance and out of season is that you’ll give yourself more time to offset a large expense in the coming months or potentially pay in smaller installments.

With this in mind, when shopping around for your dream holiday, you could favour deals or holiday companies that allow you to pay in installments. This added flexibility is a brilliant way to help you manage and stay within your holiday budget without having a negative impact on other aspects of your overall finances. Alternatively, if you opt for a one-off payment option, be sure to calculate your budget correctly beforehand to ensure that you have enough time to recover financially before you go. Getting smart with one of Caxton’s Travel Savings Plans is an ideal solution. Simply set yourself a budget and time period and calculate how much you’ll need to pay each month to achieve it. This will minimise the stress and pressure of paying for the larger elements of your break.


More time to save, equals more spending money

This staggering principle can also be applied to other areas of your travel budget. Paying for your luxury family villa in Lanzarote or your first-class flights to Paris is one thing, but you also need to factor in funding yourself while you’re away, too.

This is where early booking really can help. With a full view on what you’ll be paying for your accommodation and flights, you can now focus your attention on your holiday allowance for meals, activities, airport transfers, travel insurance and any other added extras.

Placing your travel money onto a Caxton multi-currency card in the required currency with a fixed exchange rate ensures that you’re not caught out by any exchange rate fluctuations -  and you’ll know exactly how much cash you’ll have to spend while you’re abroad.


When it comes to travel, the best way to ensure it doesn’t cost you more than you can afford is with good planning and organisation. By looking at deals early and booking your trips well in advance, this whole process can take all the stress and financial worry out of going away, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your break the way you want.