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5 Reasons to stay home this Christmas

<p><img style="width: 500px; height:235.66666666666666px;" src=";height=235.66666666666666" alt="" data-udi="umb://media/737529a1d4454dcc831eb66d1ba66164" /></p> <p>This Friday marks the winter solstice, aka the longest night of the year, with unsettled weather forecast across much of the country.  As we wrap presents and peel spuds, gazing out the window at the wind and the rain, we could be forgiven for considering a last-minute getaway to sunnier climes.</p> <p>There are certainly bargains to be had, especially if you’re able to travel at unpopular times. But have you stopped to consider what you’ll be missing out on? Here we pay homage to the unique wonder that is spending the Christmas holidays at home with our nearest and dearest.</p> <p><img style="width: 500px; height:234.66666666666666px;" src=";height=234.66666666666666" alt="" data-udi="umb://media/cf2c120a15b647d2bf0c865a5f8a8d8e" /></p> <p><strong>1. Quality time with the family</strong></p> <p>Whether you’re hitting the road or having everyone round to yours, this season is all about seizing the chance to reconnect with friends and family. And with everyone filled with Christmas spirit there is no chance of falling out over board games, Brexit, and decades-old family politics. None at all!</p> <p><img style="width: 500px; height:234.66666666666666px;" src=";height=234.66666666666666" alt="" data-udi="umb://media/80961e2dfbdf4731ac437fdfa21fa725" /></p> <p> </p> <p><strong>2. Seeing the country</strong></p> <p>Most families have two sets of relatives which means one thing: travel. Every year 10 million Brits take to the road with many more battling engineering works on the national railways. What better way then to take in our country’s natural beauty than from the comfort of a traffic jam or delayed train?</p> <p><img style="width: 500px; height:234px;" src=";height=234" alt="" data-udi="umb://media/997f3996e1bd4da2aeba9f66c9fcfd7b" /></p> <p><strong>3. A White Christmas</strong></p> <p>Our favourite seasonal films are filled with snowball fights, snowmen and snuggling by the fireplace. Fly away to the sun though and you’ll miss the magic of a White Christmas (unless you’re skiing). Sure, there’s less chance of snow as the planet gets warmer but stay at home and you might see the first snowy December 25 in eight years!</p> <p><img style="width: 500px; height:236.33333333333331px;" src=";height=236.33333333333331" alt="" data-udi="umb://media/ada2a7aab5fb4f9ead39d74e94bd952c" /></p> <p><strong>4. The best lunch of the year</strong></p> <p>Turkey, roast potatoes, sprouts with all the trimmings. The food of the gods. Good luck finding that in the Caribbean. And with modern culinary equipment there’s zero chance of drying out the bird, burning the spuds or running an hour and a half late. Right?</p> <p><img style="width: 500px; height:234.66666666666666px;" src=";height=234.66666666666666" alt="" data-udi="umb://media/4fc742cc148c456eb34a41249aa39f5e" /></p> <p><strong>5. Relaxing downtime</strong></p> <p>Christmas gives us a chance to absorb the lessons of the previous year while looking ahead to future opportunities and initiatives. It’s one of the few times of the year we can ditch the laptop, turn the work phone off and focus on what really matters: family <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">arguments</span> and home <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">improvement</span>.</p> <p>Okay, we’ve tried to think positively. We did our level best to get you fired up about the rain, gloom and stress. There’s still time to join the <span><a rel="noopener" href="" target="_blank">3.5 million Brits heading abroad this holiday season</a></span>. We won’t judge.</p> <p><a rel="noopener" href="/the-best-prepaid-currency-card-and-account/" target="_blank"><img style="width: 500px; height:122.5px;" src=";height=122.5" alt="" data-udi="umb://media/072557bc0e014b42b266e1b6f6544c57" /></a></p>

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