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5 unforgettable Airbnbs in the UK

The UK government announcement this week has sparked optimism in us all for a holiday this summer. We’ve been looking at some of the most impressive Airbnbs in the UK - here’s our top 5:

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Is it a good time to buy a property abroad?

The lockdown period saw a rise in online enquiries for buying property abroad. Could this be an optimal time to buy an international property? Or does the risk outweigh the potential opportunity?

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Why you should use a prepaid travel card after the Coronavirus pandemic

Since this strain of the Coronavirus appeared on our radars early 2020, it’s been changing the way we perceive the world - even down to consumer spending habits. Now, it’s even more important to use a prepaid travel card when spending abroad - here’s why:

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Will we be able to go on holiday this year?

With the UK easing its lockdown regulations and many European countries beginning to open their doors to tourists again, it’s left us wondering when we will be able to holiday again. Us Brits are yearning for a summer holiday - so we’ve created your post-COVID19 holiday guide for 2020:

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How to pretend you’re on holiday, at home

Many of us will have our travels cancelled or postponed this year, but that doesn’t need to stop you from getting into the holiday feeling. Here’s how to pretend you’re on holiday, despite being stuck at home:

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What is romance fraud?

In today’s technological age, the use of dating apps to find romance is on the rise, which unfortunately means that romance fraud is too. One of our Caxton customers was scammed almost £80,000 last year when she was targeted on an online dating website. Read her story to see the common signs of a scam and how to avoid them:

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7 places in the UK that will make you feel like you’re abroad

This lockdown has got the Caxton Team thinking about the beauty of our home turf - and some of the hotspots that we should consider visiting, when the non-essential travel ban is lifted. Here’s the 7 places in the UK that will make you feel like you’re abroad:

Money Tips

5 money-saving tactics you can implement during quarantine

Why not use this spare time to get your finances in check? So, when we come out the other side of quarantine, you’ll hopefully have some extra money to enjoy with your family. Here’s our top 5 money-saving tactics to think about during quarantine:

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Free secondary cards for all Caxton Card holders

As of today, ALL of our Caxton Card holders will be able to request a Caxton Secondary card for free. The secondary card will be connected to your personal Caxton account, which gives you the ability to load money and track account spending.

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Top 5 tips for spotting a phishing email

As we continue our time in isolation, online scammers and cybercriminals are more prevalent and sophisticated than ever. As part of our ‘staying safe online’ campaign we’ve developed a practical guide on how to spot a phishing scam and avoid falling victim to their tricks.