Many of us are feeling quite anxious and concerned about the prospect of travelling this year with the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Current expert advice suggests that most of us will be ok, as 80-90% of cases of COVID-19 will be mild or even asymptomatic. However, with news outlets reporting on it 24 hours a day – it can feel like there’s no escape from the Coronavirus chaos at the moment.

This outbreak shouldn’t be stealing every aspect of joy out of our 2020; as long as we keep up to date with the government health and travel information, it shouldn’t stop us from enjoying our summer holiday or travel plans.

We’ve created a dedicated Coronavirus information page, for anyone who has travel planned or is wanting to plan a holiday for this year. Check back for daily advice on how to remain healthy whilst travelling this year.



Where to go on holiday this year instead of Italy

I’m sure that most of you will have heard the news that the whole of Italy has been quarantined now; so, if you were planning on visiting this European hotspot this summer, it might be time to revamp your travel plans.

But don’t lose faith – Italy is only one out of 195 countries in the world, and we’ve put together a list of other holiday alternatives so you can still enjoy a stress-free holiday this summer.



Slovenia is arguably an underdog in the European hotspot list. This Eastern-European gem should be higher on people’s bucket lists, as like Italy, it ticks every box when it comes to great food, wine and picturesque landscapes.

Unbeknown to many, Slovenia is renowned for their wine regions, particularly the Podravje region, which is considered be among the best 4% of wine-producing areas in the world. Sometimes bigger isn’t always necessarily better - because of Slovenia’s compact size, it’s easy to visit and sample the grape from a number of different regions. Experts recommend exploring the East of Slovenia if you fancy reds or the West if you prefer whites.

Your mind may have been set on lounging beside Lake Garda this year, but fear not, you can still have a safe, stress-free holiday in Slovenia and enjoy the beautiful Lake Bled instead.

Check out Slovenia's best vineyard tours before you arrive.



New Zealand

If you were planning on visiting Italy this year for its mountainous scenery and serene lakes, fear not, as New Zealand arguably trumps Italy on this front.

From trekking the Tongariro crossing (and laying eyes on the great Mount Doom for all those Lord of The Rings fans out there), to enjoying the picturesque Lake Tekapo hikes, New Zealand’s outdoorsy lifestyle is unparalleled.

Admittedly, it’s a bit further out than Italy, but if you’ve been looking to broaden your horizons in this new decade, could this be the first step?

Here’s the 9 great walks of New Zealand.  




Croatia is another European gem that would make a brilliant alternative to an Italian holiday this year.

It’s only a stone throw away from Italy, meaning that during the summer months it’s equally as blessed with the Mediterranean climate and clear seas.

The benefit of heading to Croatia this summer instead of Italy is that you can enjoy some island hopping. You wouldn’t be spoilt for choice either, as there’s an estimated 1244 islets and crags there. To make the island hopping planning process slightly easier – check out the 15 best Croatian islands.


The COVID-19 outbreak is constantly developing, and we should ensure that we are keeping up to date with relevant travel advice. However, in times of uncertainty and chaos, we must try to remain positive and not put the rest of our life on hold. 

Safe travel is both possible and feasible – there are many other destination options out there aside from Italy. Stay head smart, but also don’t limit yourself completely due to this virus.  

If you’re wanting to stay informed on the COVID-19 updates, here are some relevant information outlets:

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