Now that England and Wales have reached the semi-final stage, there is no doubt that some ardent fans are thinking of taking a flyer and booking a ticket for the final on 2nd November, with the hopes of their team making it all the way. With this in mind, we have been monitoring the cost of a trip to the final as the tournament has progressed and have seen costs start to soar as the date approaches.


Dilemma for Rugby World Cup fans

Is it worth booking now at a cheaper cost and hoping your team makes the final? Or would it be smarter to wait until after this weekend, yet risk paying much more?

There’s no doubt that it is a once in a lifetime trip for some rugby mad fanatics, but with costs increasing by the day, some fans may be tempted to take a chance and book a final ticket now before they know their team will make it.  Regardless, we are sure it will be an amazing experience either way that will allow avid fans to soak up the final’s atmosphere in Japan!

We’ve done the hard work for you and created a price guide, which shows the difference in cost between buying now or holding fire for a week:


RWC Final on a tight budget



Cost on 17th October

Cost on 23rd October


London Heathrow via Shanghai airlines with change at Shanghai – 19.5 hours out at 21 hours back




2 nights at Flex Stay Inn 2 Star Hotel cheapest room




Category D via Stubhub

(Cheapest option)



Total Cost



£1580 (up 25%)



RWC Final best flights and category tickets



Cost on 23rd October


Japan Airlines/British Airways Direct Flight to Yokohama HND – 11 hours 40 mins via Skyscanner



3 nights at Flex Stay Inn 2 Star Hotel cheapest room



Category A (best) via Stubhub

(Cheapest ticket in Category A)


Total Cost





Difference in price for RWC final tickets

The cheapest option means taking a flight with a stopover almost doubling the length of the flight each way, plus opting for the lowest category ticket (category D). Notice that in leaving it a week, your total cost increases by a whopping 25%!

If you want a direct flight and top category ticket, you’ll need to dig deep with the total cost coming in at more than double the budget option at £3378.


How to get currency in a hurry

Either way, if you’re thinking of grabbing a last-minute trip to Japan don’t forget to take your Caxton multi-currency card. It’s in situations like this, when you need to act quickly, that a multi-currency travel card comes in to its own. If you’ve already got your card, you can load Japanese yen almost instantly at a competitive rate and save yourself having to pay over the odds for travel money at the airport bureau.

In the words of The Clash, “do I stay, or do I go now?”