As most of us are entering our second week of quarantine, it’s become increasingly difficult to keep ourselves, or even more so, the kids entertained at home.  

Keeping young minds active during this period indoors may seem like an impossible task, but once you start thinking outside the box, there are a lot of available resources that we can make good use of. We’ve put together a list of activities you can do to keep the kids occupied, without having to leave the comfort of your own home. 


How to keep children active during quarantine

It’s important to keep both body and mind active during this period of isolation and there are many fun ways to do so. 

Since the UK has entered lockdown, it seems as though every Tom, Dick and Harry have started offering live workout videos that you can follow from home. Unsurprisingly, not all workouts are kid-friendly. The best workouts that you can follow with your children at home, are: 

Joe Wicks’ morning workouts are uploaded daily at 9am and aimed to replace kids’ PE lessons - to ensure they’re still getting their daily dose of activity. Joe’s dedicated at-home workouts are designed to be available for all fitness levels, so pull on your trainers and get the whole family involved! 

Children’s sport enthusiast Jump Start Jonny has also been offering daily fun workouts on his YouTube channel. Prepare to be dancing and jumping around your living room with the kids for this one. 


The best virtual tours for kids 

You may have a bookshelf brimming with novels or a subscription to every TV streaming service possible, but sometimes that just isn’t enough to cure our boredom. There’s only so much Paw Patrol you can watch in one week!  

When Netflix just isn’t quite doing it for the kids - consider taking them on the many virtual tours that are available online, from zoos to museums. 

If going to the zoo is one of your children’s favourite Easter-holiday activities, stick Chester Zoo’s YouTube channel on the big screen and follow the zookeepers as they take you on a tour of the different animal enclosures. Your little ones can meet Kasarna the tiger and Kyra the sun bear - all while eating their breakfast! 

Or, if you want your children to enjoy a fun yet educational virtual tour - the National History Museum would go down a treat. Put your headphones in and watch them be whisked around each exhibition - learning about our prehistoric world to modern day. 

Above all - keep a copy of this extremely useful calendar handy, which shows a number of different virtual day trips that families can take during the months of April and May. This will be sure to keep your children entertained when it reaches desperate times!


Arts and crafts to do at home

We’ve ticked off the indoor PE lesson, and history, geography and literature are covered via the array of virtual tours available -  so the only lesson left to tick off is art. 

Schools have come up with a great initiative that encourages creativity and community in the home. Every week they’re issuing a new ‘theme of the week,’ with last week’s being rainbows. 

You can get as creative as you like with the kids when making your own version of a rainbow, which you’re then meant to display in your window for others to enjoy. Then, when you take your daily walk of the day you can keep an eye out for other rainbows and see how many you can count! 

This week’s theme is flowers - so get the PVA glue, paints and tissue paper at the ready and get your creative juices flowing.

Remember these are anxious times for everyone, children included. It’s important to talk with your kids to help them through any worries they may have, and if you’re unsure the best way to do so, there are helpful resources on how to talk to children about Coronavirus online. 

With what would have been Easter holidays around the corner, it may now seem difficult to replicate the usual fun activities, whilst social distancing. But between daily PE lessons and virtual trips to YellowStone national park - this list is sure to help you along the way. Plus, if there’s a silver lining, remember when this is all over, these activities can all be used to keep kids happy and entertained on long family holidays, when we eventually get to go on them again!