Valentine’s Day is prime time to be popping bottles of champagne, but could it also be an optimal day to pop the question to your other half?  

We know that everything about a wedding is costly – but we didn’t realise how expensive even this first step can be. We did an analysis of how much it would cost to propose in different cities across Europe this Valentine’s Day, basing our results on flights, 5* accommodation for 3 days, a 3-course meal in a Michelin star restaurant and a bottle of champagne.

Our research shows the breakdown of prices for proposing in Paris, London, Venice, Reykjavik and Monaco this Valentine’s:


Prices as of 6th Feb 2020

Travelling to this European city over Valentine’s weekend 13th Feb – 16th Feb 2020 could cost you:


Return flight price

5* hotel

3 course meal Michelin star restaurant

Bottle of champagne (approx.)



Paris, France



Set 3 course dinner

€95.00 (£80) per head @ Septime



London, England



Set 3 course dinner £59.50 per head @ The Ritz



Venice, Italy



6 course tasting menu €140 (£118) per head @ Ristorante Da Fiore



Reykjavik, Iceland



4 course tasting menu no wine 10,900 ISK (£67) @ Lava






3 course roughly €100 (£84) @ La Marée, Monaco



*Le Dokhan’s, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Paris

*Tower Suites by Blue Orchid, London

*Ca' Sagredo, Venice

*The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland

*Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo


Staying in the UK and proposing in London would cut costs down as it removes the element of overseas travel. Plus, we happen to be extremely blessed with an array of Michelin star restaurants and 5* hotels, so plenty of choice!

If Reykjavik ends up being your proposal destination of choice – perhaps save a few extra coins as it’s the most expensive destination to book last-minute. The prospect of proposing under the northern lights could justify the costs though!

Our research shows that being selective with your European proposal destination could save you a whopping £3202.


Of course, these prices could be reduced if you were to book further in advance or if you aren’t set on 5* hotels and Michelin star restaurants. We know that sometimes the smaller, independent restaurants and boutique hotels trump the more obvious names!

You could also reduce these costs and save money by pre-loading your currency in advance on our Caxton multi-currency card when the rate is good, to avoid any exchange rate fluctuations that can result in a loss. 

Once you’ve popped the question and (hopefully) received the response you’re after, remember to read our planning an overseas wedding blog in advance of the big day.