It’s Stress Awareness Week; we all know first-hand the impact that high levels of stress can have on our lives: sleeping habits, mood swings, productivity levels and overall wellbeing. 

Now, I may be stating the obvious, but a change of scenery and an escape from everyday life can drastically reduce stress levels. I am aware that travelling is a luxury and that jetting off to the Maldives isn’t an everyday solution (much to my dismay), however, taking more breaks to explore new places can do wonders for your health. Here are the top five reasons why travelling is good for your mental health:


Leaving the daily routine behind

A whopping 80% of people say that they feel stressed at work. It’s very easy to get caught up in your daily work routine: waking up at a certain time, taking the same commute, seeing similar faces every day - it can quickly become tedious. Sometimes, all that is needed to squash stress is a little break away from the daily hustle, to give your mind the time to rejuvenate. Taking a holiday allows you to remove yourself from any work, home or personal stresses and simply relax. Ultimately, this leads to lower cortisol levels, which makes you feel calmer and more content for your return.


Get fit whilst travelling

Realistically, nobody wants to be stuck behind a desk from 9-5 every day. Even if you try and maintain a fitness routine around work, it is difficult to hit your daily 10,000-step target. Being in a different country will encourage you to get up and about, whether it be signing up to a free walking tour, doing laps of your swimming pool or dancing the night away at your hotel’s Abba tribute night. Moving your body has both physical and mental health benefits, plus, with the additional time outside - you can also get some extra Vitamin D!


Step out of your comfort zone

Stepping out of your normal routine and broadening your cultural horizons will allow you to regain perspective on certain areas of life, which may be causing you stress. Gaining world knowledge and building relationships with lots of different people will inevitably diversify your perspective. New landscapes, cuisines, and cultures, as well as free time to think, could be exactly what you need to re-set a stressed mind.  


Reducing health risks

Travel is also proven to strengthen your immune system by exposing you to a higher variety of germs and pathogens, making you more resistant to viruses and infections. As mentioned previously, the additional exercise will also have cardiovascular benefits.


Strengthens relationships

Travelling with your family, friends or partner can do wonders for your relationship. Sharing once in a lifetime experiences can bring you closer together and cement lasting memories. Not only do you get to enjoy some quality time together, but overcoming the burdens of travelling as a team, such as handling delays and unexpected illnesses, can help build a stronger relationship. Stronger relationships = less stress.

For those who prefer to travel solo - taking some time out to reconnect with yourself will also do wonders. 


Sometimes it can be difficult to break away from the daily routine. When work is building up alongside family commitments, the idea of taking a break and getting away can seem impossible. However, even heading away for a weekend has been proven to rapidly decrease stress levels. Book a trip away today; get your body moving and broaden your cultural perspectives.

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