The festive time of year is officially upon us, which for most, means scrambling around at the last-minute to buy gifts for your loved ones. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your jet-setter friend, we’ve put together a list of the best Christmas presents to buy for avid travellers, to save you the time and brain power.


Re-usable water bottle

A re-usable water bottle would be a great companion for any keen traveller. Keeping hydrated when exploring a new town or city is imperative, so if you gift someone a water bottle –you know it will be used. In addition, it also helps reduce single-use plastic distribution, therefore playing your part in helping make the world greener.

Admittedly, when in another country it can be hard to find suitable drinking water taps. However, people are becoming increasingly aware of this and aiming to make drinking water more readily available.

Why not make your friend both trendy AND hydrated, with a chillys bottle?


Power banks

With our modern-day reliance on technology, power banks are becoming even more of a travel necessity. You can charge up your phones, kindles, headphones and many other electronic devices, all from one power bank!

If you spend a little more, these portable battery packs can last for hours, which is ideal when your electronic device is lacking power on a long-haul flight or car journey. The stylish and reliable Anker brand is a good option to consider.



Being a traveler can entail many different activities, but you can be sure that long periods of transit will be inevitable. 

This can sometimes be extremely tedious, lengthy and boring. If you treat your loved one to some good, quality headphones, they will never have to endure the single-use, uncomfortable in-flight headphones again (or be tirelessly bored on a journey!)

A recommended headphone brand is Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth Headphones. They’re currently offering a discount on this product on Amazon – get them for as little as £49.00.



All travellers should be armed with a staple, sturdy pair of flip flops. I may be stating the obvious here, but flip flops are a key piece of footwear when visiting anywhere with beaches - nobody enjoys sandy socks or trainers! It’s also worth buying a pair of flip-flops that will last, and Havaianas are both affordable and durable.

Another top tip is to bring a pair of flip-flops along if you will be staying in accommodation with shared bathrooms, such as budget hostels! No one knows what’s truly on those shower floors…


Amazon Fire tablet

The Amazon Kindle would be a great asset to bring on any long journey as they’ve now advanced from a simple e-reader to a fully functioning tablet, with which you can watch Netflix, scroll Instagram, or even take pictures.

Amazon usually offer great discounts on their kindle and audiobooks as well, therefore ultimately saving money in the long run.

If you need some advice on the best audiobooks to travel with, check out our handy guide.


Packing cubes

Packing and unpacking your suitcase is a holiday chore that everybody must endure. A gift that could make this process easy and more efficient for regular travellers is a set of packing cubes. They are essentially foldaway and zip-up compartments that can help separate your luggage, making it easier when unpacking or sourcing single items.  

They are especially handy for long-term travellers that are using a backpack, as it allows you to flat pack your items and ultimately fit more into your bag. They’re also useful if you have minimal storage space in hostels.

Prices can vary between £5 – 50, making these a good stocking filler!



An ideal Christmas present for any frequent traveller, albeit in a slightly higher budget range, would be a GoPro. A GoPro is a portable and durable camera that you can use to film videos and take pictures, with an additional underwater option. Light and extremely portable, they’re especially great for capturing moments and memories from a different perspective.

Maybe it will bring your frequent traveler new Instagram fans, or at the least it will make those post-holiday slide shows more interesting.


Caxton multi-currency card

Last but not least, give your travelling friend the gift of knowledge and tell them to sign up to a Caxton multi-currency card. Using Caxton is the best way to spend your travel money. You can load all your money onto one account (in up to 15 different currencies) and load when the exchange rate is best.


There's still a week or so until the big day; if you've not yet completed your Christmas shopping and still need to buy for your loose-footed travelling friend, this list will be your safety net. From power banks to packing cubes, we've got you covered this festive period.