Everyone is checking in on the people they care right now, so before we get started, on behalf of the Caxton team, we hope that you’re holding up and keeping yourself healthy and safe during this COVID-19 outbreak. 

As the UK begins to close its doors and implement stricter social distancing regimes, concerns arise on how to keep our bodies and minds active while stuck inside. 

We want to show you that staying at home doesn’t mean that life has to become boring. Here are the many ways that you can still see the world, immerse yourself in nature and socialise with loved ones during the COVID-19 outbreak. 


Immerse yourself in nature 

It may sound contradictory, but there are ways to simultaneously stay at home and immerse yourself in nature. 

Lucky for us, the internet really has come up trumps during this period of isolation. There are ways to still get front row seats to the beauty of our natural world, despite not leaving the sofa. 

Explore - Live Cams offers the opportunity to live stream nature reserves from all over the world. From Tembe Elephant Park in South Africa to Great White Shark viewings, this one will definitely help you get closer to nature during this period of isolation. 

If you love sea life in particular, check out the Aquarium of Pacific live webcam feature, which allows you to visit their exhibits virtually. The penguin exhibit is a personal favourite!

There really is something for everyone - if you typically enjoy spending your weekends bird watching, and your window isn’t providing the best viewing platform, The Raptor Resource Project has a number of bird cams that you can indulge in. 

It might not be as good as exploring the real thing, but it’s a great alternative until we can get back out there. 


Cultural tours in virtual reality

Keeping our brains active during this period is just as important as keeping our bodies moving. You may have a bookshelf brimming with novels or a subscription to every TV streaming service possible, but sometimes that just isn’t enough to cure our boredom. 

Many museums and exhibitions are offering virtual tours online, allowing you to snoop around some of the worlds most visited art exhibitions and galleries. You no longer need to travel to Paris to see the works in Musée d’Orsay, or hop on the tube to visit the British Museum, as you can now do it all from your sofa. 

For more indoor cultural excursions, check out Google’s arts and culture tours. 


Staying connected with friends 

We suddenly have a lot of spare time on our hands - and we should be putting this time to good use by checking in on our family and friends. 

Thanks to our ever-advancing technology, we can stay in touch with our nearest and dearest without even leaving our bedroom. 

Some fun, entertaining ways to stay connected to your friends during this time are: 

QuizUp is for all of you trivia buffs out there - challenge your family members to themed quizzes. It’s like Christmas but without the arguments afterwards! 

HouseParty app has been labelled as the app that’s connecting a generation, despite us all social distancing. You can host group video calls, play games and test each other's general knowledge, all in one place.

Many people are using Zoom to stay connected during this isolated time. Why not get creative and schedule a brunch date, or host a pub quiz night with your nearest and dearest on a friday evening? The possibilities are endless when you start thinking outside the box!


This is a confusing and uncertain period of time, but one thing is for certain, and that’s we are all going through it together. It’s important to stay healthy, stay connected and stay positive! There is a light at the end of the tunnel.