With Brexit negotiations starting, it’s not just the weather that is feeling the heat. There could be further hot spots ahead.

For the past year, sterling has been on a roller coaster in the currency markets, and with Brexit negotiations beginning this week, it’s not slowing down anytime soon.

When it comes to going on holiday, the turbulence of currency affecting your holiday money should be avoided. That’s why our top tips on making the most of your Caxton Card this summer are here to hand.

Locking in the rate – We offer 14 different currencies in addition to GBP. Load your card in advance and guarantee your rate. If you’re not that organised, or want to wait, load via our app whilst out and about on your travels. 

Rate watches – Interested in a certain exchange rate? We offer daily rate updates straight to your inbox for US dollar and euro, so you can monitor the rate every morning, choose your own timing to load your card. Be quick, as rates don’t stay the same for very long.  Login to your account and select daily euro and US dollar rate in your communications preferences.

Other currencies – Not needing euro’s or US dollars? Not to worry we offer another 12 currencies. And if your destination isn’t covered by our top 14 currencies, simply preload your card with GBP and we will apply the exchange rate every time you make a transaction. Remember your Caxton Card is a Mastercard, accepted everywhere you see the Mastercard logo.

Buy Back Guarantee – Want to ensure your left over money doesn’t just sit on your card? Purchase our Buy Back Guarantee on loading your currency and then on your return, you can exchange that back for the same rate you bought it for, so you won’t miss out if the rate changes (but if it improves, don’t worry we will give you that rate instead).

Future key dates to look out for which may cause currency volatility:

  • 22nd & 23rd June – European Council summit, this will be attended by all EU leaders including Theresa May.
  • 17th July – Next round of talks
  • 24th September 2017 – not Brexit related but definitely one to pencil in the diary, German parliamentary elections.
  • October 2017 – at some point in October we expect phase 2 of Brexit talks, phase one is expected to cover the principles of our EU divorce and then we move onto discussing the UK’s future relationship with the EU.
  • October 2018 – Brexit Secretary David Davis and the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier have both expressed a desire to have Brexit talks finished by this point.
  • March 2019 – Article 50 deadline.