With temperatures dipping to single figures this week, it’s safe to say we’re in for a long winter… Get inspired to jet away from the frosty UK weather with our list of top winter sun destinations. From Cape Verde to Bali, sun-worshipping to hike tripping, we’ve comprised a list of the best places to visit this winter to catch some well-deserved Vitamin D.

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Cape Verde

Cape Verde has been labelled as ‘like Mauritius, but easier to get to.’ This small country off the northwest coast of Africa may sound exotic and a faraway venture, however, there are now direct flights from the UK that take only 6 hours. Weather in Cape Verde is one of the biggest attractions, as it’s hot all year round and rarely shifts from upper 20s degrees Celsius. It’s not just your typical beach resort as it also boasts incredible volcanic landscape, which you can trek around and explore. Plus, for individuals that enjoy learning the history of countries that they visit – Cape Verde also offers an interesting back story as it is a decolonised Portuguese state. What more can you want?




Admittedly, Bali is a slightly longer flight than any European getaway – but what you get for an extra few hours on a plane is worth it! Bali is one of the most Instagram-worthy spots in the world, and there’s no surprise as to why. It boasts amazing beaches, hiking treks and surfing or scuba diving opportunities. Plus, this Indonesian gem has been consistently rated as a great place to visit when you’re slightly cost sensitive, as it has notably cheap food and alcohol there (beer costing as little as 75p!) Similarly to Cape Verde, Bali generally also has good weather all year round, however, heading there in the cooler months of Winter will actually enable you to get out and explore more, rather than in the heat of mid-summer.



Canary Islands

Canary Islands has always been a family-favourite for getting some winter sun. It’s affordable, not too long-haul of a flight and usually has some great family package deals to choose from. If you’re heading away between the months of October and February, you’re still guaranteed good, sunbathing weather as these islands are not far from the West coast of Africa. They offer quite a unique landscape – it’s not just never-ending beaches, but also has volcanic areas that enables tourists to enjoy great hikes, volcanic tours, and even a day trip across sand dunes of Maspalomas (which can make you feel like you’re trekking the Sahara Desert!).




Morocco seems to tick quite a few boxes for a winter break, as it possesses great beaches and city environments – dependant on what you’re after for your holiday. If you would prefer to soak up some end-of-year sun, lots of people choose to visit either Agadir or Taghazout. Both locations offer stunning beaches and prime opportunities to learn to fish or surf. Alternatively, if you would prefer to check out more of a lively environment in a city, Marrakesh is a little further north and boasts amazing food, markets and luxury boutique hotels.




Going to Cuba would be a family holiday that is out of the ordinary – it’s not just your usual beach getaway. This Caribbean hotspot combines the urban charm of Havana with the serene beaches of Varadero – it’s got something for every family member. Havana in particular will stick in your mind for how colourful, lively and vibrant the streets are – filled with dancing, music and friendly conversation with locals. Picture this: salsa lessons on the beachfront, live jazz music in the constant stream of rum bars, finished off with a visit to the famous Club Tropicana, the open-air cabaret show. Top tip: travel between December and May for cloudless skies, temperatures in the high 20s and 30s and minimal risk of rain.



Travel Money

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If you’re looking for a sign to book your next winter holiday – THIS IS IT! Taking a break away to any of these destinations this winter will provide lasting memories, as each place offers its unique appeal. In addition, travelling has been proven to decrease stress and improve your mental health.