With the UK easing its lockdown regulations and many European countries beginning to open their doors to tourists again, it’s left us wondering when we will be able to holiday again.

There have been recent Coronavirus developments; the epicentre is beginning to shift further afield towards Latin and South America and Europe is seemingly starting its road to recovery. Hope is on the horizon for both medical and economical recovery, plus international travel.

Us Brits are yearning for a summer holiday - so we’ve created your post-COVID19 holiday guide for 2020:


When will airlines start flying again?

A lot of family-favourite airlines have recently announced that they will begin international flights again, subject to intra-EU flights being accepted. The following airlines have planned to fly this summer:

  • British Airways: CEO Willie Walsh announced that he expects to be running at 45% capacity in July 2020, and up to 70% by the fourth quarter of 2020.
  • Jet2: On 25th May, the budget airline announced it will start flights again from 1st July 2020.
  • EasyJet: As from 15th June 2020, EasyJet will start domestic flights again from 10 UK airports. They have announced they will hopefully be flying to Europe from 1st July 2020. Plan to return to 75% flights by Aug.
  • RyanAir: Plans to resume 40% of flights from 1st July 2020.

It is worth noting that as of June 8th, anyone returning to the UK will have to quarantine for 14 days - regardless of whether they are showing symptoms or not. This is being reviewed weekly by UK officials.


The top tourist destinations in Europe


We dissected our Caxton Customer data to find out the Top 5 European holiday hotspots for 2019, which were: Spain, Portugal, France, Greece and Italy.

We’ve researched the regulations for those countries at present to figure out whether we’d be able to holiday there this year:


Spain is preparing to open its borders to tourists and remove the current 14 day quarantine rule on July 1st. As it stands, Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sanchez is waiting until Britain improves their infection rates before it allows Brits back into holiday (without a 14 day isolation period.)



Hotels in Portugal are set to reopen from 1st July, as well as some of their most favoured beaches opening up on 6th June. Tourists are welcomed with no enforced quarantine rules, however, health checks upon arrival should be expected. Portugal might be one of the first countries to agree an ‘air bridge’ with the UK.*

*Air bridges: The government announced on May 27 “The Government will continue to look at further options as we move forward and these will include air bridges – agreements between countries who both have low transmission rates to recognise each other’s departure screening measures for passengers and removing the need for quarantine measures for incoming passengers."



Some of Italy’s most favoured sights have begun to re-open, from the Colosseum to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. They’re also preparing to open its borders to EU countries, including the UK.



Greece is also re-opening its borders for tourists again and released a list on 29th May of the 29 countries that can visit quarantine free, which includes a number of European countries plus Australia, Japan. At present, the UK hasn’t made the list due to the level of cases we still have.



Our neighbours are also circulating hope by starting the process of opening their borders, however, restrictions are still in place that ensure Brits isolate for 14 days upon arrival.


Reports are circulating that British Airways, EasyJet and Virgin Atlantic are calling for 45 of the top summer tourist countries to be spared the 14 day quarantine rule. France, Italy, Spain, Greece are all included - so keep your eyes peeled on travel updates for further information on this as it progresses.


The countries that will PAY you to visit this summer


Some countries are so desperate to kickstart the repair of their tourism industry, they are offering to PAY tourists to visit them this year.

Media outlets are claiming that Sicily will cover half of your flight and a third of your hotel stay, if you decide to visit there this summer. Additionally, Japan is looking into customer-incentives and considering offering half-price flights to encourage tourism this year.

The concept of being paid to travel could definitely entice some people.


How to save for a summer holiday

Whilst we are waiting for travel restrictions to ease, you could sign up to a Travel Savings Plan to ensure that your money is put aside for a future holiday. They’re a straightforward, simple way to guarantee that you’re slowly building up a holiday kitty for an immense trip.

It also enables you to lock in an exchange rate, when the market is working in your favour. With the present market volatility, this could ultimately save you quite a wad!

Seeing 2021’s holiday budget building up could be the motivation you need to keep you going throughout this lockdown.


The Coronavirus pandemic has shaken up the entire globe, but without speaking too soon, it looks as though there is some hope on the horizon. We must stay alert and vigilant, but also stay positive and remember that life will return to normal.

Who knows, maybe that dream holiday isn’t too far around the corner?