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The dreaded January blues are hitting all of us UK residents now; Christmas is over, skies are grey, and everyone is severely lacking in Vitamin D. We’ve put together a month by month calendar of the best destinations to visit around the world, ranging from more budget European breaks to once-in-a-lifetime holidays.

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Don’t get caught out – unusual etiquette around the world

What is considered a social ‘norm’ or correct etiquette will change dependent on where you are in the world, or where you were brought up. Caxton have done some research into some of the most unusual etiquettes and laws around the world to be aware of whilst on your travels.

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How to double your annual leave in 2020

The Christmas and New Year season is officially over, which for most of us means back to the daily routine and 9-5. Many people are already desperately planning their next holiday or thinking about how quickly they can schedule their next annual leave. With the average Brit entitled to 28 days leave each year, we worked out how you can maximise your days off throughout 2020 to give you the most time off work.

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Extend your dry January and bag a ‘free holiday’ with the money saved

Now that the Christmas and New Year party season is out of the way, it’s not uncommon for people to give alcohol a break for a while as part of their New Year’s resolution, and some now opt for a ‘dry January.' Not only is this self-imposed drinking ban good for your health, but your bank balance will notice a real difference too, with an average couple estimated to save between £36 and £44 per week.

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Travel Money in Norway

If you're heading off to Norway soon, read our Caxton Currency Checklist, which will tell you everything you need to know about sourcing, spending and enjoying your travel money in Norway.

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21 things you may not know about the Euro

On New Year’s Day we will not only be celebrating the start of a new year, or even decade, as it’s also a special anniversary for one of the world’s most used currencies. Believe it or not, the Euro turns 21 years of age on 1st January 2020; in its honour, we’ve compiled some interesting facts and figures about this much used and frequently talked about currency.

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What airline is showing your favourite Christmas film this year?

Traveling home for Christmas can be stressful; if you’re having to do more of a long-haul journey, the single thing that can get you through this final stretch to home is the festive in-flight entertainment. We’ve done some digging and found out which airlines are showing the best Christmas films.

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What do Christmas desserts look like around the world?

The festive season is one of the best times of year as it becomes acceptable to eat more than your recommended daily calorie allowance in delicious treats. However, what one considers a traditional Christmas pudding differs depending on where you were brought up. If you’ve ever wondered what Christmas desserts look like around the world, prepare to be dazzled

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The best Christmas presents to buy travellers

The festive time of year is officially upon us, which for most, means scrambling around at the last-minute to buy gifts for your loved ones. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your jet-setter friend, we’ve put together a list of the best Christmas presents to buy for avid travellers, to save you the time and brain power.

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Staying safe and secure online over the festive period

It’s the festive period, which means mulled wine a plenty, parties and a whole load of Christmas shopping. But with the comfort of Christmas comes complacency, and we often don’t pay as much attention to our safety and security online as we should, which is why we want to remind you of the importance of keeping yourself safe online over the festive period.