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Travel money tips and holiday hacks for the savvy traveller

Get your Caxton card with no ATM fees abroad.


Travel Money Tips

What you need to know about tipping on holiday

We surveyed people across the UK to find out the nation’s tipping behaviour. Only 19% of us are confident we know how much to tip, when on holiday overseas.

Travel Money Tips

How to save on your summer holiday money before you’ve even left the UK

Our tips on being travel savvy and organised before you fly can save you hundreds of pounds of your holiday money for the things that will really make your trip special...

Travel Money Tips

Savvy saving tips before you’ve even packed your suitcase

We unlock the currency myths around booking and planning your next trip.

Travel Advice

Get summer holiday ready with our essential’s checklist

With summer hols fast approaching, make sure you’re holiday ready with our checklist. We’ve listed the top essentials to prepare before you start packing your suitcase.

Travel Money Tips

Are you getting the most out of your holiday money?

Here’s our best pieces of advice for making the most of your money the next time you travel.

Travel Advice

Our guide to the top destinations in Europe for the bank holidays this Easter

Thinking about booking a last-minute trip abroad this Easter? We’ve picked out some of the best European breaks, whatever your budget.

Travel Advice

Top ten tips for staying safe whilst shopping online

This year, an estimated 1.92 billion people worldwide purchased goods online. However, cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated than ever. To keep our customers safe, we’ve put together these top ten tips to help you stay secure on your next online shopping spree.

Travel Advice

Europe’s best budget ski breaks for beginners to experts

With Christmas a distant memory and Spring still weeks away, thoughts inevitably turn to holidays in the sun. And despite the doom and gloom of the evening news, now is in fact a great time to book. With the pound’s recent rally and all kinds of uncertainty around life beyond March 31, the next couple of months are a great opportunity to get away from it all.

World News

How to avoid Brexit uncertainty for your holiday money

Despite all the uncertainties surrounding the future of Brexit, undeterred UK holidaymakers are still booking their travels to Europe and beyond for the year ahead.

Travel Advice

5 Reasons to stay home this Christmas

This Friday marks the winter solstice, aka the longest night of the year, with unsettled weather forecast across much of the country. As we wrap presents and peel spuds, gazing out the window at the wind and the rain, we could be forgiven for considering a last-minute getaway to sunnier climes.