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5 Reasons to stay home this Christmas

This Friday marks the winter solstice, aka the longest night of the year, with unsettled weather forecast across much of the country. As we wrap presents and peel spuds, gazing out the window at the wind and the rain, we could be forgiven for considering a last-minute getaway to sunnier climes.

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5 Steps To Prepare For The Trip Of A Lifetime

Planning the trip of a lifetime is no small task. For a start, there’s a lot of pressure to make it the best trip ever, so your expectations are going to be set pretty high. Read on for our five steps.

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DCC? I don't understand

Whilst paying for goods, have you been asked ‘Sir/Madam, would you like to pay in pounds or euros?’, whilst on your holiday in the South of France?

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Spooked by the Haka?

Travelling school sports tours are less frequent than they used to be. There’s much more responsibility on the travelling staff. But it’s the kids who miss out. Fortunately for Halliford School, their sports department and parents encourage the like.

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North Korea Nervousness

This week we saw the markets upset by North Korea’s missile tests. But why is this affecting our holiday money so much?

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Making Regular Payments

On preparing to work for Harrow School in Hong Kong, on a short term contract, my bank account in the UK was unable to set up an international account in time for my departure. Initially, the bank informed me they could not set the account up too far in advance yet required me to have three phone appointments and an appointment within a branch. They could offer no available appointments within the time frame they had to process the application, so I was unable to set the account up.

Currency Market

The Pound's Bouncebackability

We saw the pound take a tumble against all major currencies on Tuesday as UK Inflation figures held at a steady rate of 2.6% (the same as the previous month).

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A-Level results

With A level results landing this week, the planned path may no longer be possible and so other considerations, even left field ones, quickly come into the mix.