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5 most memorable gap year destinations

Every year, thousands of young people aged 18-25 embark on a gap-year-like trip. Typically, this would be either before or after university, however, it is also becoming increasingly more popular in working professionals or retirees. Here is our travel inspiration for the most popular destinations to add to your gap year bucket-list:

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Travelling to Singapore

Singapore is one of the most intriguing and multicultural cities in the world. For any avid traveller, Malaysia it is a destination that should be appreciated in itself and is worth a lengthy visit. Alternatively, it also makes a fabulous layover.

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Travel Money in Oman

If you're heading off to Oman soon, read our Travel Money in Oman checklist, which will tell you everything you need to know about sourcing, spending and enjoying currency in Oman.

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Top Five most unique hotels in the world

Do you enjoy experiencing the extraordinary things in life and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone?  We’ve picked out the top five most unique hotels in the world that will enable you to do just that.  From sleeping up a 50metre high crane to sharing your breakfast with a giraffe – spending a night at any of these hotels will be a memorable experience.

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Where to go for winter sun in 2019

With temperatures dipping to single figures this week, it’s safe to say we’re in for a long winter… So, we’ve made a list of our top winter sun destinations you could escape to from the frosty UK weather. From Cape Verde to Bali, sun-worshipping to hike tripping, we’ve comprised a list of the best places to visit this winter to catch some well-deserved Vitamin D.

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Top 5 Audiobooks to travel with

Keeping a few great audiobooks in your collection is a great travel hack, as they can work to either keep you entertained on long journeys or also, if you’re listening to anything narrated by the soothing sounds of Stephen Fry, help you drift off! We continue our Caxton Recommends series with our top 5 audiobooks to travel with; from shorter, comedic stories to record-breaking, lengthy tales.

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The New York checklist

New York is brimming with life - it boasts some of the world’s best restaurants, shopping districts, Broadway shows and historical landmarks. Here's our checklist of top-spots to explore when visiting New York and how to save holiday money before you go!

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Stress Awareness Week: Five reasons why travel is good for your mental health

It’s Stress Awareness Week; we all know first-hand the impact that high levels of stress can have on our lives: sleeping habits, mood swings, productivity levels and overall wellbeing. Here are the top five reasons why travel is good for your mental health:

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Caxton Recommends: The best apps to use whilst travelling  

Mobile apps are enabling travellers to research, make bookings, meet other holiday-goes and keep the itinerary in one place. With this in mind, we’ve done all the hard work and picked out the best and most useful travel apps in the market, so you can enjoy stress-free travelling!

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The plight of Thomas Cook: Should we still use travel agents?

The plight of Thomas Cook has left many people questioning the future trust and reliability of travel agents, with a lot of families considering giving up on travel agents altogether. We’ve conducted some research to see whether it’s better to do it yourself or continue to rely on the experts.