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Five reasons why travel is good for your mental health

It’s Stress Awareness Week; we all know first-hand the impact that high levels of stress can have on our lives: sleeping habits, mood swings, productivity levels and overall wellbeing. Here are the top five reasons why travel is good for your mental health:

Travel Advice

The best apps to use whilst travelling  

Mobile apps are enabling travellers to research, make bookings, meet other holiday-goes and keep the itinerary in one place. With this in mind, we’ve done all the hard work and picked out the best and most useful travel apps in the market, so you can enjoy stress-free travelling!

World News

The plight of Thomas Cook: Should we still use travel agents?

The plight of Thomas Cook has left many people questioning the future trust and reliability of travel agents, with a lot of families considering giving up on travel agents altogether. We’ve conducted some research to see whether it’s better to do it yourself or continue to rely on the experts.

Travel Money Tips

The cost of getting to the Rugby World Cup final this weekend

With England's success at the weekend and the confirmation that they have reached the final, alongside South Africa, some fans are desperatley trying to nab a ticket for the final on 2nd November. Here's our price guide on how to get there on a budget.

Travel Advice

How to be an eco-friendly traveller

Nearly two-thirds of all travellers are interested in learning how they can make more environmentally conscious decisions whilst holidaying. If you’ve been inspired by Greta Thunberg’s fifteen-day sail across the Atlantic and wanting to adopt more eco-smart habits, read our guide for some simple steps that you can use on your next trip to make it more green-friendly.

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How to see Paris in a weekend

Whether you’re into art, sport, history, food or architecture – Paris is a prime location for keen travellers. Here’s our guide to exploring the vast corners of this beautiful city and how to fit it all into a tight schedule.

Travel Advice

How to get to the Rugby World Cup final on a tight budget

Now that England and Wales have reached the semi-final stage, there is no doubt that some ardent fans are thinking of taking a flyer and booking a ticket for the final on 2nd November, with the hopes of their team making it all the way. With this in mind, we have been monitoring the cost of a trip to the final as the tournament has progressed and have seen costs start to soar as the date approaches.

Travel Experiences

Halloween hotspots around the world

The spookiest day of the year is fast approaching; pumpkins are being carved, apples are being candied and children all over are preparing for the sugar-induced fillings they will have to endure after Halloween. We explore some of the quirkier Halloween hotspots around the world; some of these entries are surprisingly quite close to home!

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What to do in Canada as a tourist

Where can you find a holiday destination that merges beautiful landscapes, great food and the friendliest people in the world?! The answer: Canada. Don’t be fooled into thinking Canada is just bears and beers, as it also boasts some of the most breath-taking scenery, from mountains to serene lakes. Here's our top tips on travelling Canada and how to save money in the process!

Currency Market

Planning your holiday with Brexit in mind

Whether you’re heading off for a last-minute half term break in search of warmer weather, or maybe planning the much-anticipated big summer holiday, there’s always plenty to organise before you jet off. But throw the current Brexit uncertainty into the mix and suddenly there are some additional holiday issues to consider. Don't worry, we’ve done the digging around for you and put together a quick guide and checklist to help you ensure that everything is sorted in time for your holiday, so you can put your feet up and enjoy a stress-free break.