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Caxton Team

Caxton Team

Biking to the ruins of Coba, Mexico

Did you know Mexico attracts more holiday-goers than all the countries in South America? Despite its global attraction, there are still a number of hidden, untouched gems to be found in this beautiful corner of the world. We explored the city of Tulum and the ancient ruins of...

Caxton Team

A beginner's guide to Verona

Verona is one of Italy’s most popular cities, boasting ancient roman architecture, the divine Lake Garda and some of the world’s most prestigious Opera. Those literature-savvy of us will recognize that it is also the home of literature’s most famed lovers, Romeo and Juliet....

Caxton Team

Georgia, Eurasia’s hidden gem

The country of Georgia is an unexpected delight to visit, full of great food and wine, warm weather, beautiful landscapes and a long, rich history.

Caxton Team

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