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How to plan for a UK mini-break

The recent easing of UK lockdown measures has left us all yearning for a holiday, with many people eager to enjoy a UK mini-break this summer. Planning for a UK staycation is a lot easier than an international holiday, here’s why:

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5 unforgettable Airbnbs in the UK

The UK government announcement this week has sparked optimism in us all for a holiday this summer. We’ve been looking at some of the most impressive Airbnbs in the UK - here’s our top 5:

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How to pretend you’re on holiday, at home

Many of us will have our travels cancelled or postponed this year, but that doesn’t need to stop you from getting into the holiday feeling. Here’s how to pretend you’re on holiday, despite being stuck at home:

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Where shall we go first once the non-essential travel ban has been lifted?

One of the only ways we are going to get through this period of isolation is by circulating hope and optimism for what’s on the other side. We need to stay motivated and remember that this is all temporary; we will explore the world again. So why don’t we put this spare...

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Top activities to do when you can't leave the house

As the UK begins to close its doors and implement stricter social distancing regimes, concerns arise on how to keep our bodies and minds active while stuck inside. We want to show you that staying at home doesn’t mean that life has to become boring.

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Working from home? Here’s how to get your travel fix straight from your sofa

With more of us working from home and practising social distancing - going on holiday can seem a faraway fantasy.  But, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be the case! Here’s how to quench your thirst for travel, despite being stuck on your sofa:

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Holiday destinations to visit this year instead of Italy

This outbreak shouldn’t be stealing every aspect of joy out of our summer holiday plans; as long as we keep up to date with the government health and travel information, travel is both plausible and feasible. Here's some alternative places to visit this year instead of Italy:

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8 literary icons who are great travel inspirations

Get some travel inspiration with us as we look back at some famous literary icons whose writings and accounts of their travels continue to inspire millions of people around the world to this day. From a millennia ago to recent blockbuster adaptations, this selection of writers...

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Tips for a stress free holiday without the kids

Half term is officially here, which typically provides the perfect respite from a busy work schedule. However, as I’m sure we’ve all experienced, half term can also make holiday havens turn into destinations to be avoided, if you are looking for a bit of peace and quiet....

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Top 5 tips for staying safe as a solo traveller

If you’re thinking about heading off on an independent trip around the world – there are some simple steps that you can take to keep safe and give you some peace of mind whilst you travel. From researching the currency of the country you’re in to choosing the best...