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World News

How to keep the kids entertained at home

As we continue in quarantine, it’s become increasingly difficult to keep the kids entertained at home. Keeping young minds active during this period indoors may seem like an impossible task, but once you start thinking outside the box, there are a lot of available resources...

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Coronavirus: What to do if you're heading abroad on holiday

As the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office are warning against travelling to certain destinations and major airlines are stopping flights to particularly high-risk countries. Understandably, the constant evolution of...

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The plight of Thomas Cook: Should we still use travel agents?

The plight of Thomas Cook has left many people questioning the future trust and reliability of travel agents, with a lot of families considering giving up on travel agents altogether. We’ve conducted some research to see whether it’s better to do it yourself or continue to...

Travel Money Tips

The cost of getting to the Rugby World Cup final this weekend

With England's success at the weekend and the confirmation that they have reached the final, alongside South Africa, some fans are desperatley trying to nab a ticket for the final on 2nd November. Here's our price guide on how to get there on a budget.

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Planning your holiday with Brexit in mind

Whether you’re heading off for a last-minute half term break in search of warmer weather, or maybe planning the much-anticipated big summer holiday, there’s always plenty to organise before you jet off. But throw the current Brexit uncertainty into the mix and suddenly there...

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Brexit Beer Index shows increased cost of drinking abroad

Drawn out Brexit negotiations have seen the pound weaken significantly against many currencies around the world, making food and drink more expensive when we go on holiday. Our latest Caxton Brexit Beer Index reveals that the average cost of a pint of beer has gone up 16% for...

Currency Market

Why is the value of the pound falling?

A fall in the value of the pound impacts a wide range of people, it’s not simply big businesses and professional investors that are affected – but who decides rate changes and how is the value determined?

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How to avoid Brexit uncertainty for your holiday money

Despite all the uncertainties surrounding the future of Brexit, undeterred UK holidaymakers are still booking their travels to Europe and beyond for the year ahead.

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North Korea Nervousness

This week we saw the markets upset by North Korea’s missile tests. But why is this affecting our holiday money so much?

Currency Market

The Pound's Bouncebackability

We saw the pound take a tumble against all major currencies on Tuesday as UK Inflation figures held at a steady rate of 2.6% (the same as the previous month).