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World News

How to avoid Brexit uncertainty for your holiday money

Despite all the uncertainties surrounding the future of Brexit, undeterred UK holidaymakers are still booking their travels to Europe and beyond for the year ahead.

World News

North Korea Nervousness

This week we saw the markets upset by North Korea’s missile tests. But why is this affecting our holiday money so much?

Currency Market

The Pound's Bouncebackability

We saw the pound take a tumble against all major currencies on Tuesday as UK Inflation figures held at a steady rate of 2.6% (the same as the previous month).

World News

Turbulent Trump and a Defiant Draghi

President Trump is having a hard time in office, the main problem being he can't pass his Healthcare Reform Bill. The knock-on effect is that there is now uncertainty as to whether he will ever be able to get any Bill passed the Senate, as the House remains divided more than...

Currency Market

UK feels the heat

Well in weather anyway, but with Brexit negotiations starting, we could be set to see further hot spots ahead. For the past year we have seen sterling on a roller coaster of a ride in the currency markets, as Brexit negotiations begin this week it seems not to be slowing down...