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Buy holiday currency and control overseas spending using our currency card. Hold euros, US dollars, sterling or any of our available currencies, and check balances, transactions, and top up using our app.

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Buy, sell, transfer or hold up to 23 different currencies, all from our single currency account. Do it all online, or over the phone with one of our FCA regulated account managers.

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*The rates shown are based on a load of £800. Your rate may vary depending on the amount you load

Caxton FX Currency Card

The simple and convenient way to manage your travel money abroad

  • Currency choice: With 15 currencies to choose from, you can preload your travel money at any point before or during your trip and lock in great exchange rates. If the currency you require is not one of the 15, just load sterling and the card will automatically convert to the currency of your destination.
  • Fee free: Unlike many other cards, the Caxton FX currency card is free to use on overseas purchases and ATM withdrawals.** and being Chip & PIN secure, you can be confident that your money is safe.
  • Global usage: Accepted worldwide at over 35 million outlets displaying the MasterCard sign, the Caxton FX currency card is a great alternative to cash, traveller’s cheques or a bank card.
  • For more information about the card visit our FAQs
  • *Selected airport rates correct as of 9:30 26/04/16 from selected airport travel exchanges including Gatwick South ICE, Travelex Heathrow Terminal 1, ICE Luton Airport and MoneyCorp Stansted Airport. Cost is equivalent to travel money purchased from the airport prior to travel versus spending on your Caxton FX card at the destination.
  • **Caxton FX does not charge a fee for overseas ATM withdrawals, but the ATM owner may charge you a fee.

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Business currency services

We provide robust currency solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Transferring money overseas?

Banks can charge up to £30 per transfer – whereas we can save your business money on every international transfer.

Travelling overseas on business?

We can help your employees manage spending abroad quickly and easily with our Business Traveller currency cards.

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