One card, multiple currencies, global use

No overseas ATM fees. Global usage with competitive exchange rates. Easy to load your card. Manage your travel money on the go using our app. Choose either our free Black card or subscription Red card for even better rates. 

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Manage your money on the go

Can’t remember how much you spent on that last meal? Log into your account via the mobile app and check instantly, you can also top up directly via the app. And if your card goes missing, block it at the touch of a button. Caxton puts you in control.

Fee-free spending, wherever you go

Your Caxton multi-currency card is accepted in more than 35 million locations around the world (wherever you see the MasterCard logo). What’s more, we don’t charge any transaction fees outside the UK. Yes, that’s right, no monthly limits, and quite simply no ATM fees* from us!

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Lock in your exchange rate with each card load

Load up to 15 different currencies on your card and transfer money in 24 currencies. Pay with your Mastercard anywhere in the world. See live exchange rates, updated every few minutes, for Caxton Black and Caxton Red below. 

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Contactless Prepaid Mastercard with chip & PIN security
Hold up to 15 currencies on one card
No ATM or transaction fees abroad
Send money abroad from your account
Load on the go and manage funds with the Caxton app
Get assistance from a real person over the phone
Use anywhere worldwide where MasterCard is accepted
Discount lounge access across the UK
Discount airport parking across the UK
Free Sanef toll tag for driving on French motorways
No ATM or transaction fees in the UK
No FX mark-up
Split bills & transfer money between friends
Free additional card
Free Buy Back Guarantee
Earn reward points on UK spend
Earn £10 credit for every friend referral
Purchase protection & event cancellation cover

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*Some ATMs may charge their own fees to use.

How do I load money onto my card?

You can do an online load at or with the Caxton mobile app. Your first load must be made online for security reasons but after that you can load freely using the app.


What currency can I load onto my card?

Choose from the following:

  • GBP GB Great British Pound
  • EUR Euro
  • USD US Dollar
  • AUD Australian Dollar
  • CAD Canadian Dollar
  • CHF Swiss Franc
  • NZD New Zealand Dollar
  • HKD Hong Kong Dollar
  • DKK Danish Krone
  • ZAR South African Rand
  • JPY Japanese Yen
  • SEK Swedish Krona
  • HUF Hungarian Forint
  • PLN Polish Zloty
  • NOK Norwegian Krone


Can I load more than one currency onto my Caxton card? How many can I load?

Yes, you can load up to 15 different currencies on your Caxton Card at the same time. 


How do I switch the balance on my Caxton card to a different currency?

You can do this using the switch balance feature in the app or by logging into your account through the website. Just select how much of an available balance you would like to switch into another currency, and which of our 15 currencies you want to change it to.


How do I add a new debit card to my account or update an expired debit card?

Login to your account through the website, go to 'My Debit Cards' and select "Add New Card". In ‘My Debit Cards’ you can also delete expired cards, and re add your updated cards. On the app, go to 'More' then 'My Debit Cards' to manage your cards.


What if I’m going to a country where you don’t offer the currency? What rate will I get?

You should load GBP onto your card if you need to spend in a currency different from the 15 we offer. You’ll automatically get the standard MasterCard settlement rate minus 2.49%, at the time of your transaction. You do not need to do anything else, the conversion will take place when you make a transaction.

If you load any currency other than GBP (USD for example), your transactions will automatically be converted back into GBP before being converted again into the local currency, which is not as good value as one direct conversion from GBP.


Who can load money onto my Caxton card?

Your card must be loaded from a personal UK debit card in the primary cardholder's name and registered at their address. Additional cardholders cannot load the card.


I have just loaded money onto my Caxton card. How long does it take for the funds to be added to my available balance?

Once loaded, funds will normally be available within minutes.


How do I know what exchange rate I will get?

Our exchange rates are published on our website. You will also see the rate that you will receive when you load your card.

Where is my Caxton card accepted?

You can use your Caxton card anywhere MasterCard is accepted, including shops, restaurants, ATMs and online. We recommend visiting the MasterCard location tool (website) or downloading MasterCard's ‘Nearby’ app to easily find ATMs and merchants that will accept the card.


Do you charge for ATM withdrawals when overseas?

Caxton does not charge a fee for overseas ATM withdrawals, ever. Please aware that some overseas ATM owners may charge you a fee. This is not Caxton charging you, this is the ATM owner. 


I’ve been presented with these options at an ATM: Credit, Savings or Cheque. Which should I choose?
If you are given these options at an ATM all 3 should work but if in doubt, please select credit. If this option doesn’t work, then please select another option. You may need to reinsert your card to try again.


What are the maximum number of ATM withdrawals I can make on my Caxton card?

You can make up to two withdrawals per 24 hours, and up to a total withdrawal amount of £300 per 24 hours. No ATM fees are charged.


What do I do if my Caxton card is not working?

  • Check if you are using the correct PIN. You can check what your Caxton card PIN is in the Caxton app or by logging into your account on the website.
  • Make sure you have sufficient funds loaded on your Caxton card. You can check your current balance in the Caxton app.
  • The ATM or POS machine may be faulty or unable to read your Caxton card. You can check this by testing a different card in the machine, or trying your Caxton card in a different ATM or POS machine.
  • If your Caxton card is still not working, please contact our support team, either via email [email protected], twitter @CaxtonSupport or on the phone, in the UK calling 0333 123 1812 or outside the UK on +44 (0) 207 201 0526 (Support available Monday - Friday 08:00 - 19:00, Saturday - Sunday 09:00 - 17:00 UK time)


Why have I been charged for an ATM withdrawal?

Some ATM’s will charge you a flat fee for use of their services. In some cases, the ATM can convert your money which will end up costing you money.


How do I avoid being charged for an ATM withdrawal?

Avoid any ATM which will charge you a withdrawal fee. Also ensure that when making ATM withdrawals that you decline any conversions offered to you by the ATM and always withdraw in the local currency.


How do I check my Caxton card balance?

The best way to check the balance on your card is by using the Caxton app, or you can log into your online account. Try to avoid checking at your balance at an ATM as you will be charged 30p.


What if I am offered the choice to pay in GBP or local currency?

If you are at an ATM or somewhere where the bill is presented in GBP rather than the local currency (ie. euros or dollars), always opt to pay in the local currency. Otherwise you’ll end up paying for multiple conversions, using the ATM or vendor’s rate, which will always be worse than Caxton’s great rates.


The ATM or merchants tried to charge me in pounds, what should I do?

Many ATM’s (and merchants) will pick up that your card was issued in the UK. Once these machines realise that your card is a UK issued card it doesn’t recognise that you hold the local currency and will offer you a conversion. This is called Dynamic Currency Conversion.

In order to avoid this extra charge please always select to be billed in the local currency, for example if you are in the Eurozone always select to be billed in EUR.


What if I need to use the card for a refund?

Your Caxton card can only be used for a refund if you paid for the transaction on the card initially.