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Banks can charge fees for every transaction so with multiple payments per month, costs quickly add up. We provide an international payment service, online and over the phone.


Caxton offer multiple Options Contracts that meet the needs of most corporate hedging requirements. Structured Option contracts can protect your currency from volatility.



Take back control of your domestic and international payment needs. Flexible, scalable and secure, our payments platform will help you manage and streamline your payment process.


A better way to manage business expenses and much more. Using a Caxton Corporate Card is as simple as using your debit card without the costs of using it abroad.

Is your business really ready for Brexit?

To help you determine the best course of action for your business, Caxton’s expert currency specialist, Rehan Ansari, has written a Guide to help you understand the risks relating to Brexit, your international payment needs and how to protect your business from ongoing volatility within the FX markets.



Caxton - FX Provider of the Year


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Make better, smarter, faster International payments with our API.

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"We rely on Caxton FX’s support to provide hedging products"

Rachel Johnson Head of Finance of Cafédirect

International Payments with no fees

Rachel Johnson, Head of Finance, was keen to explore a fairer way to make currency payments. Just like the farmers and workers she supports, Rachel wanted to partner with a company that believed in a fairer marketplace.

Caxton FX has challenged the big banks for over a decade, providing fair pricing with high quality service to its clients. For companies like Cafedirect, the longer term commitments with international suppliers, meant the volatility of currency change over a 6, 12 or 18 month period was a concern.

Rachel previously used her business bank to make currency trades and hedges. However, it became apparent that the “higher charges and lack of service was unfair on our business.”

From seed to grape to fine wine

International payments made simpler

David Farber is Managing Director of Monopole, a wine portfolio management company built on passion, expertise and the love of fine wine.

David and his expert team created an international reputation creating wine portfolios for aficionado’s keen to invest in their passion. Trust, speed and information is critical for success. Caxton FX has a team of FX specialists who support David with “their in-depth knowledge of the currency market.” Currency payments are made quickly and accurately at bank beating rates.

Making swift, precise purchases is a basic requirement to succeed. Like many businesses, David relied on his bank, however, it soon became apparent that “high charges and delays in making currency transfers were having a detrimental effect on our competitiveness.”

"I highly recommend Caxton FX to any businesses who trade overseas"

David Farber Managing Director of Monopole