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Fees, Charges & Limits in GBP

Although the below values are displayed in GBP, if your card is loaded in a different currency, your card will be charged in that currency.

Card purchase and Annual Fee Free
Load and reload (by your Administrator) Free
Load and reload Free
Point of sale transaction - international Free
Point of sale transaction - domestic 1.50
ATM transaction - international 1.50
ATM transaction - domestic 1.50
Over the counter cash - international 4.50 plus 2% of withdrawal amount
Over the counter cash - domestic 4.50 plus 2% of withdrawal amount
FX mark-up where a Transaction is performed in a currency different from the
currencies available on the card
Available balance enquiry - ATM 30p
Available balance enquiry - online Free
PIN reminder* Free
Card renewal Free
Card replacement fee - damaged/lost/stolen Free
Redemption processing fee 1.50
Dormancy fee - monthly (applicable after 12 months from expiration of the last card in your account) £0.85 per month per card
Investigation fee Up to £50

*PIN reminder is only available online on your account. Please note that the PIN displayed on your account is the PIN that was originally issued with the card. If you change your PIN at an ATM, your online account will still show the original PIN, not the new one.

Limits GBP
Minimum load 100
Maximum single load 15,000.00
Maximum total available balance 15,000.00
Maximum number of loads per wallet (Card Group) 15
Maximum load amount per year 150,000.00
Maximum value of a single point of sale transaction 7,000
Maximum number of ATM withdrawals per 24-hour period 2
Maximum value of ATM withdrawals per 24 hours 500
Maximum Number Of POS per Card per 24 hours 30
Business Currency Card Terms and Conditions

See terms and conditions for fees, charges and restrictions.

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