A smart way to make international business payments

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Doing business internationally is exciting and beneficial. It leads to innovative ideas and an expanded worldview, and it makes a company more likely to thrive. But so often, the details and expenses involved make exporting costly and time consuming.

At Caxton FX, we know that this often isn’t helped by foreign exchange transactions. We know that banks often charge you fees whenever you send and receive currency, and make it difficult to plan for when the market changes.

We have a different vision of how currency exchange works. Our dedicated team manage global business payments so that they’re easy and hassle-free. We make sure that we keep our rates low, and that we help you plan for the future, not just today’s sale. And we make sure you have access to expert advice and up-to-date information that lets you make the best decision for your business.

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Real-time exchange rates help keep costs down

Real-time exchange rates help keep costs down

Don't get stuck paying expensive bank rates for money transfers. Caxton FX offers a tailored service for companies importing, exporting or transferring money abroad.

  • We don’t charge unnecessary fees, and we offer excellent value for money with competitive exchange rates.
  • We make sure your money transfers are simple, fast and hassle-free.
  • Our proactive account management can help you lock into favourable rates during fluctuation.
  • Our bespoke service and guidance from our qualified experts in the currency market can help you manage your business needs.

The next bit is easy

A Caxton FX business account is free and quick to set up. Register now to get expert advice, great rates and fee-free international currency transfers.

How it works:

Become a Caxton FX Business client. It's free to join.

Your Account Manager will help you design a foreign exchange strategy.

We'll convert and transfer your currency at a rate and time that suits your business.

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Making your international business payments online

No overseas transfer fees

Banks can charge fees for every transaction, and with multiple payments per month the costs can get expensive. No matter what your transfer size, we'll provide you with a fee-free international payment service that can save your business money on every transfer.

24/7 online service

Manage your account when it’s convenient for you. The Caxton FX website is simple to use, allowing you to send money online and giving you easy access to your transaction history so it can be easily used for accounting and bookkeeping procedures.

Telephone trading

For advice, guidance, live quotes or to make a trade, sometimes you need to speak to a real person. Our account managers are just on the other end of the phone, ready to answer your questions and provide expert advice.

Live currency exchange rates online

Benefit from a fully transparent service with no hidden costs or charges, with up-to-the-minute rates. Have the information you need to trade available whenever you need it, along with currency information and account details.

Caxton FX is authorised and regulated by the FCA. This means your money is transferred in a secure environment. View our permissions.

Your Account Manager can help you make the best choices for your business

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Our Account Managers provide the expert guidance needed to manage your currency exposure, now and for the future.

Our flexible transaction services mean you can make a payment when it suits you. If you want advice or information before you make a trade, our Account Managers are on the other end of the phone, with-up-to-the-minute rates and information, ready to help you make the best choices for your business.

Foreign currency fluctuations can hurt profits and wreak havoc on carefully planned budgets. We can help protect your business from changes in the market and minimise your currency exposure with a risk management strategy that will help you plan for the future.

Caxton FX offers a secure environment in which to send your money and is authorised and regulated by the FCA. View our permissions.

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How your business can benefit by using Caxton FX international payments

  • Overseas Suppliers

    Pay suppliers without having to pay the banks for expensive fees and exchange rates.

  • Overseas Conferences & Events

    Network, learn and teach overseas without paying the price of poor exchange rates.

  • Intra-company exchange

    Make sure your funds are where they need to be by transferring overseas holdings into sterling, or sending money to overseas branches.

  • Receiving payments

    Accept payments in any currency by letting Caxton FX handle the exchange, getting you your money without extra costs or fees.

  • Payroll

    Hire workers abroad without incurring expensive fees. Caxton FX can make sure that it doesn't cost more than it should with our fee-free international payments.

  • Overseas Offices

    Making international real estate payments through your bank can soon cost hundreds of pounds more than you need to pay. Caxton FX can provide an easier, sensible, cheaper alternative.

  • Caxton FX is authorised and regulated by the FCA and by the HMRC as a payment processor. We are authorised to hold client funds, which are protected and ring fenced in case of insolvency.

    Caxton FX is a secure environment in which to place your funds, and we treat all client money with the upmost caution and responsibility. View our permissions

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Any questions about Caxton FX international business payments?

We’ve provided brief answers to many of the questions people ask about Caxton FX and our online business payment service.

How do I open a Caxton FX account with Caxton FX?

Opening an international online payments account with Caxton FX is quick, free and simple. Click on the 'Apply now' button, and complete the application form - it'll only take a couple of minutes. You'll need your bank details in order to complete the application.

I have opened an account. When will I be able to make an international transfer?

We will open an account within a matter of hours and you will be able to transfer foreign currency abroad immediately. If you need to make a payment urgently, call us on +44 207 042 7629 and we will ensure you can make your payment as soon as possible.

I have opened my account online. What do I do next?

You will receive an email either confirming that your account is open or that we need further documentation.Your account confirmation email will provide instructions on how to obtain your log-in details for your new account. If you have a query about your account or log-in details, please call our helpdesk on +44 207 042 7629.

What rate will I get?

Log in to your Caxton FX account and select the currency you wish to transfer. This will display the 'live' exchange rate for that particular currency. If you are looking to transfer a larger amount (i.e. over £20,000) or discuss a currency strategy, please call us on +44 207 042 7629 to discuss your needs and for a rate quote.

How do I check the current rate?

We offer live exchange rates within our online payment service – Caxton FX FastPay. You can view the rate on any of our 24 currencies we offer online, by logging in to your account and selecting your desired currency.

What fees do you charge for sending money abroad?

Caxton FX does not charge any fees for sending money abroad.

How do I save money?

On a typical transaction we can help you get up to 4% more money, in comparison with the banks. This is because we will offer you a more competitive exchange rate and do not charge any transfer or commission fees.

Can I fix an exchange rate for a date in the future?

You can fix an exchange rate for a date in the future by using our telephone currency service. You will need to be transferring over £5,000. This facility is not currently available on our international online payment system – Caxton FX FastPay.

What is the minimum amount of currency I can transfer abroad?

You can transact any amount over £100. All international transfers are fee-free with Caxton FX, regardless of the amount you transfer. So whether you need to send money home, make monthly mortgage repayments or send a one-off payment overseas, our online service provides a flexible and cost effective solution.

What is the maximum amount of currency I can transfer abroad?

You can transact a maximum of £20,000 when using our Caxton FX FastPay service. If you wish to transfer currency over this amount, you can use our Telephone transfer Service, by calling +44 207 042 7629.

How long will it take me to make an international transfer online?

You can make an international payment in three simple steps. You can complete these steps in a matter of minutes.

  1. Choose the currency and amount that you wish to transfer.
  2. Add your beneficiary details.
  3. Make your international payment.

If you do need further information you can watch our Online Payment demo or call us on +44 207 042 7629.

What is a beneficiary?

A beneficiary is the payee or the details of the account to which you wish to send money overseas. Call us on +44 207 042 7629 to discuss your needs and for a rate quote.

How do I add a new beneficiary?

Once you have selected your currency and the amount you wish to transfer overseas, you will be asked to enter your beneficiary details. Simply follow the instructions on screen and enter the details. Our easy-to-use system will also store your beneficiary details, for ease of use and to help with your record-keeping.

How do I add a new debit card when making a transfer?

Once you have selected your currency, the amount you wish to transfer overseas and your beneficiary details, you will be asked to enter your debit card details. Simply follow the instructions on screen and enter the details. If you wish to use a debit card that you have previously used, simply select the debit card from the drop down navigation.

What currencies do you offer?

We offer a selection of currencies to suit your international transfer needs. We currently offer 24 currencies within our online payment system.

  • AED UAE Dirham
  • CAD Canadian Dollar
  • CZK Czech Koruna
  • EUR Euro
  • HKD Hong Kong Dollar
  • INR Indian Rupee
  • JPY Japanese Yen
  • NZD New Zealand Dollar
  • SAR Saudi Riyal
  • SEK Swedish Krona
  • TRY Turkish Lira
  • ZAR South African Rand
  • AUD Australian Dollar
  • CHF Swiss Franc
  • DKK Danish Krone
  • GBP GB Pound
  • HUF Hungarian Forint
  • ILS Israeli Shekels
  • NOK Norwegian Krone
  • PLN Polish Zloty
  • SGD Singapore Dollar
  • THB Thai Baht
  • USD US Dollar

If you need to transfer currency in a particular combination, or a currency that’s not listed, please call us on +44 207 042 7629 and we’ll talk to you about our tailored Currency Service.

I want to find out more information about a specific currency. How do I do this?

You can speak to one of our Currency Analysts or your personal Account Manager for detailed information about any of the currencies that we transfer.

How long will it take for the funds to arrive?

Once you have submitted your international payment, the time it takes for funds to arrive in your account will vary depending on the currency that you're sending.

  • Euro, dollar and sterling will arrive on the same day, after Caxton FX has received your sterling.
  • All other currencies will take three working days, after Caxton FX has received your sterling.

My international transfer has failed. What do I do?

First, please check that the three-digit security code on the back of your debit card is correct and the expiry date is correct. If you've checked these two items and the payment still does not go through, you should contact your bank and confirm that they are not blocking the payment.

If you are still experiencing difficulty, after speaking to your bank, please contact the Caxton FX helpdesk by calling +44 207 042 7629.

I have forgotten my Account ID or password. How do I access my account?

Please visit the login screen and click on the ‘Forgotten Account ID or Password' links, and follow the instructions. We cannot give you this information over the phone.

Is there a limit to the number of transfers I can make?

No. You can make as many international transfers as you need. We do ask that the amount you transfer online is between £100 and £20,000. If you need to transfer currency to an amount over £20,000 please call us on +44 207 042 7629 for details about our Currency Services.

Do you charge commission?

No. Caxton FX does not charge you commission and unlike our competitors, none of our sales staff is paid commission, meaning you will receive excellent value on each and every currency transaction.

How does Caxton FX make money?

The interbank rate is the rate at which banks and large financial institutions trade with each other. We make our money on the difference between the interbank rate and the rate we quote you. This is called a spread. The spread that we give to our clients is much better than the banks offer. We do not charge any fees or commission on top.

Is Caxton FX a regulated financial conduct company?

Yes. Caxton FX Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 as well as the Payment Services Regulations 2009.