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Market Orders

A Market Order is an instruction given to us to act on your behalf, securing your target exchange rate by taking advantage of our global FX market monitoring service. Our 24 hour facility allows us to watch the markets on your behalf, even while you’re away on holiday or out of the office*.

Over the summer period there are a number of announcements expected to cause more volatility in the FX markets. These fluctuations can often create opportunities for businesses, however, it may not be when you’re at work.

You can place a Market Order to instruct us to trade if the rate reaches a desired level. This is a contractual obligation that you will be required to honour if we are able to book the rate you have specified.

What is the cost of waiting?

Following the ECB announcement of winding down QE by the end of the year on Thursday 14th June 2018, which was more dovish than expected, we saw sterling increase against the euro over the course of 12 hours.

This GBP/EUR chart shows how quickly the rate moved following the
ECB announcement. This small move can make a difference of €4,500
on a €500,000 invoice.

* £50,000 minimum for overnight out of office hours market orders or no limit during market hours

How to place an order

Set your target rate by calling your Account Manager
+44 207 201 0554


Caxton FX will monitor the markets when open


If your rate is achieved we will automatically execute your trade



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