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Buy, sell, transfer or hold up to 23 different currencies, all from our single currency account. Do it all online, or over the phone with one of our FCA regulated account managers.

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Caxton International Payment Guides

Overseas Property

Like any property purchase, a lot of work goes into making the dream a reality. Alongside logistical challenges like finding the perfect place and cutting through red tape are a number of financial considerations. Transfer taxes and stamp duty aren’t cheap and, together with notary and legal fees, can easily add 10% to the purchase price.

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Repatriating Currency

Of the 4.5 million Britons who live abroad, just under a third have made their home in Europe. That means more than a million people are faced with tough questions over how the June 2016 referendum will affect their life. If you have already made the difficult decision to move back home, this guide offers some reassuring advice.

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Regular Payments

Whether you’re a retiree who’s moved in search of the good life, a holidaymaker who’s bought a place in the sun or a parent with children living abroad you’ll need a way of transferring funds out of the UK. And with Brexit precipitating a steep fall in Sterling you need your money to work even harder.

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