Some summer travellers are needlessly shelling out a huge chunk from their summer holiday money before they even set foot in their resort. Our research at Caxton FX shows that a family of four could easily blow around £390 of their holiday budget before leaving the UK!

Many of us are smart travellers when it comes to getting a good deal on our holiday accommodation and flights. However, because we live such busy lives with long working hours and family pressures, it’s easy to overlook some holiday details until departure.

A lack of basic planning ahead and slipping into ‘holiday mode’ too early can eat into money set aside to pay for meals out, excursions, sangria, poolside beers and sunbeds – the things your holiday spend is really meant for.

The biggest unnecessary overspends prior to your trip include:

  • Buying currency at the airport last minute
  • Leaving airport parking until departure day
  • Buying expensive food and drinks at the airport, service station or on the plane
  • Topping up your petrol at motorway service stations
  • Forgetting to take out travel insurance

Here’s how you can avoid overspending with these pre-holiday money saving tips.

How to get your holiday money before you travel

Use a prepaid currency card, like our Caxton Card, to load money ahead of your trip when the rate is good, then use it to get cash out from an ATM at your destination. Or get your travel cash delivered to your door before you leave. That way you get a much better rate, without conversion fees, instead of being stung by horror exchange rates at the airport.



How to pre book your airport car parking

Those claims that you can save up to 60% by pre booking compared with paying on the day are true. Simply google parking facilities of your departing airport ahead of your trip, and you’ll find where you can book online.



How to get the best travel insurance

If you leave travel insurance to the last minute, or forget it altogether, then you won’t be covered for sudden changes or cancellations to your holiday. Use online comparison sites to find deals when you book your trip, or check if discounted travel insurance is offered with another service you already have, such as Caxton Plus travel cover which is available to all Caxton customers. Before you go with the cheapest deal, make sure to check what’s included in the cover, as activities like winter and water sports are often not included.



How to save money on expensive airport food and drinks

Simple, don’t buy them! Got some snacks for the kids’ school lunches in the cupboard? Throw them in your hand luggage. Pack your own food and drink before setting off, and you can easily save two thirds of the cost of getting hungry at the airport or on the plane.



How to save on petrol for the drive to the airport

Just remember to top up at the local supermarket before you leave, and avoid paying through the nose at motorway services, to leave a few extra pounds in your pocket to spend on your holiday.



Follow all these easy tips before you travel and you could make a total saving of £387.55! Preparing for your holiday doesn’t have to be a stress, and with some simple organisation, you’ll have a bit more holiday money to enjoy on the fun things.

Save even more of your holiday money by signing up for a Caxton card, because until the end of August we’ll give you £10 cashback when you load £300 or more on your new card*.

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Holiday Money Savings Calculations

Holiday Currency

Euro exchange rate at Moneycorp Gatwick Airport 8th August 2019 10.30 am 0.8787
Euro exchange rate at Caxton FX card load on 8th August 2019 10.30am 1.06010

Based on a fortnights holiday spending money of 1260 Euros or 90 Euros per day, customers would pay £1433.94 at the airport compared with £1218.16 if purchased from Caxton FX.

Saving of £215.78


Food and Drink

Cost at the airport from Pret a Manger (based on family of 4)

  • 2 latte coffees £5.50
  • 2 cans of diet coke £1.98
  • 4 bags of crisps £3.96
  • 4 x cheese and ham sandwiches £9.96
  • 2 500ml bottles water £1.98
  • 4 individual slices carrot cake £7.00
  • Total cost £30.38

Cost of purchasing from Tesco store (based on family of 4)

  • I x 2 litre bottle Tesco Ashborne still water £0.45
  • 4 cans diet coke £2.50
  • 6 bags walkers crinkly salted crisps £1.00
  • 1 Loaf Nevill’s wholemeal bread £0.36
  • 220 grams Tesco Mature Cheddar £1.55
  • 1 pack of Tesco wafer thin ham 10 slices £1.00
  • 1 Tesco finest whole carrot cake (enough for 4 good slices) £2.75
  • Total cost £9.61

Saving of £20.77


Airport Parking

Pre booking a long stay car park at Gatwick North online for 2 weeks (8 – 22 August) costs £146 (bookings.gatwick – however turning up and paying on the day will set you back £285 (£25 day one and £20 per day thereafter)

Saving £139.00


Petrol costs

According to research from on 1st July 2019 – a litre of petrol was 24p cheaper at Sainsbury’s in Hempsted compared with the Medway service station on the M2 in Kent.
A 50 litre fill up would set you back an extra £12.00


*Terms and Conditions for cashback offer:

  • You must apply for this offer by this link only. The offer cannot be accessed by any other page on the Caxton website, or by the call centre.
  • You must successfully make a minimum £10 initial load as part of the application process.
  • You can transfer at least £300 in a maximum of two loads, to be eligible for the £10 Cashback. Cashback can only be used with your Caxton currency card, it cannot be redeemed for cash or transferred for value.
  • This offer applies only to new customers who sign up by 31-08-2019 and is valid for 30 days from your registration date.