1. What's your reason for using Caxton?

On preparing to work for Harrow School in Hong Kong, on a short term contract, my bank account in the UK was unable to set up an international account in time for my departure. Initially, the bank informed me they could not set the account up too far in advance yet required me to have three phone appointments and an appointment within a branch. They could offer no available appointments within the time frame they had to process the application, so I was unable to set the account up.

Naturally, I wanted to find a convenient way to tie me over when I would arrive without a bank account in HK for a few weeks which would not  incur account charges paying from a UK Bank.

I was also in the process of buying a ski property at the time in a third currency and wished to minimise exchange fees, and exchange rate issues particularly with the pound weakening.

2. Prior to Caxton, what was your thought process around converting your salary into HKD?

With a property still in the UK, initially I was aware and concerned I would be required to make frequent bill payments in Sterling when the rate was not strong and incur regular exchange bank charges. I needed to find a way of arranging the payment of bills without incurring extra charges from one currency to another when the rate was strong. Caxton was the answer.

3. What's been your experience of Caxton to date, and what have you learnt about sending money home/abroad?

Their currency cards are excellent and easy to use abroad removing the issue of carrying money. With a lot of travelling, I can load the card with different currencies ready to go and top up whenever required, all exchanged at the strongest rate. The rate alerts are most useful.

More importantly Caxton allowed me to transfer the funds for buying a second property without the expensive bank charges. As you are able to buy in advance when the rate is strong I also made a significant saving which was important as the pound was weakening through the process of buying the property.

Tell us more about Hong Kong, Harrow School and your plans

I am looking forward to working for Harrow in the exciting city of Hong Kong and travelling regularly to back to the UK and to the ski property. In education, jobs are becoming increasingly global these days and the opportunity to work abroad for a short time was made much easier with Caxton.