When was the last time you really got away from it all? While we’re lucky enough to have an array of culturally varied European countries that are merely a stone’s throw away from us, it can be hard to fully disconnect and get into holiday mode when taking smaller weekend breaks. 

If you can spare the time, a long-haul trip doesn’t have to be that much more expensive and offers the chance to properly escape the rat race and feel truly refreshed when you return from holiday. To help you think ahead for your more memorable 2020 holidays, we’ve put together a list of the best long-haul destinations to visit this year:


Cape Town

Average travel time from London to Cape Town: 11hr 30 mins.

Cape Town was labelled as the best-value long-haul destination by the Financial Times, stating that it ticks every box with regard to costs, excursions and climate.   

Cape Town entices people in every year with its combination of great culture, natural landscapes and bucket-list activities, such as vineyard tours or wildlife safaris.



Average travel time from London to Borneo: 14hrs 50 mins.

There’s only one word needed to convince you that Borneo is a worthwhile destination to visit: Orangutans.

Step into a real-life David Attenborough documentary and explore the depths of Borneo’s ancient rainforests, the Kinabatangan River and the Rehabilitation Centre for endangered species to get up close and personal with nature.  

You can also experience life like a local in the Mari Mari Cultural Village, which is a museum that aims to preserve Borneo’s culture.



Average travel time from London to Antigua: 8 hours 35mins.

Generally, not much convincing is required when explaining why the Caribbean is a great choice for any holiday. A particular island in the Caribbean that’s gaining popularity is the paradise-like Antigua. Unbeknown to many, Antigua has 365 stunning beaches – one for every day of the year if you’re really wanting to push the boat out and take a year-long sabbatical.

However, we can’t sell Antigua short by only focusing on the beaches as it is also blessed with verdant rainforests, candy-coloured villages and endless coral reefs to explore.



Average travel time from London to Toronto: 7hr 45 mins. 

Canada is one of those countries that seemingly ticks every box: beautiful landscapes, a never-ending list of activities and the friendliest people in the world.

It would be an apt choice for any outdoors lovers, from the mountain scenery of Banff to the Garibaldi Provincial Park in British Colombia. Check out our insider's guide to travelling Canada for more Canadian inspiration.



Average travel time from London to Bangkok: 11hr 30 min. 

Thailand has increasingly become more of a tourist hotspot for us Brits. Whether it’s the beaches, the cuisine or the generally great weather, something keeps drawing us to this beautiful country in South East Asia.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you would be spending your time only on a beach though, as surprisingly Thailand also offers bucket-list memorable excursions, such as scuba diving in Koh Tao or visiting the Elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai.



Average travel time from London to Nadi: 26 hours.

Admittedly, a 26-hour journey may sound daunting or even somewhat off-putting, however, Fiji is one of those destinations that needs to be on everyone’s bucket-list.

Many people aren’t aware that Fiji is built up of a whopping 330 islands, which means it’s a prime spot for anyone who wants to indulge in a bit of island hopping.

Each island offers something completely different, for example, you could hit up Beachcomber island to get your party fix or trail along to the Yasawa group of islands for a more picturesque, relaxing time. 

Fijian locals are the friendliest of people too! 



Average travel time from London: 14 hours initial flight to Buenos Aires, followed by a 3.5-hour flight to Ushuaia, then sail from Ushuaia to Antarctica for minimum 8-day boat trip.

This one is a little bit out there – but hear us out.

Sailing trips around Antarctica have become more popular in the past few years; these days Antarctica receives as many as 50,000 visitors each summer. Is it the chance to witness awe-inspiring natural landscapes, or more to do with the fact that visiting Antarctica allows people to experience a world that is so far removed from everyday life, which is enticing people to come and visit? 

In embarking on one of these cruises you can see spots like The South Shetland Islands, Paradise Harbor and the Antarctic Peninsula.

It’s safe to say that a trip like this would be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. 

If you’re conscious of doing it on a budget, this blog suggests ways to keep costs as low as possible.


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