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Top Five Halloween Destinations for Ultimate Scare-Seekers

With the spookiest time of year fast approaching, we explored the top five freakiest and most ghoulish destinations in the world. This list attracts scare-seeking tourists every Halloween; would you be brave enough to visit?

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How to avoid the horrifying airport exchange rates this October

With October half-term around the corner, it is prime time to book a well-deserved holiday. Though, Halloween isn’t the only spooky thing on our doorsteps, as airport exchange rates could give you even more of a fright this month! Don’t let the spooky rates stop you from embarking on your travels, as organising your holiday money in advance can save you fortunes.

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Biking to the ruins of Coba, Mexico

Did you know Mexico attracts more holiday-goers than all the countries in South America? Despite its global attraction, there are still a number of hidden, untouched gems to be found in this beautiful corner of the world. We explored the city of Tulum and the ancient ruins of Coba, and did it on a budget too! Here’s how…

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A beginner's guide to Verona

Verona is one of Italy’s most popular cities, boasting ancient roman architecture, the divine Lake Garda and some of the world’s most prestigious Opera. Those literature-savvy of us will recognize that it is also the home of literature’s most famed lovers, Romeo and Juliet. Check out our beginner’s guide below to see the many reasons as to why we also fell in love with Verona.

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What’s on your travel bucket list?

The average person has 11 destinations on their bucket list, and we’ve been wondering what your dream destinations are? Get your imagination sparking with this bucket list of top travel spots, from Iceland to India. Maybe it’s the inspiration you need to start saving up?

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Brexit Beer Index shows increased cost of drinking abroad

Drawn out Brexit negotiations have seen the pound weaken significantly against many currencies around the world, making food and drink more expensive when we go on holiday. Our latest Caxton Brexit Beer Index reveals that the average cost of a pint of beer has gone up 16% for British holidaymakers.

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Georgia, Eurasia’s hidden gem

The country of Georgia is an unexpected delight to visit, full of great food and wine, warm weather, beautiful landscapes and a long, rich history.

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Why is the value of the pound falling?

A fall in the value of the pound impacts a wide range of people, it’s not simply big businesses and professional investors that are affected – but who decides rate changes and how is the value determined?

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What you need to know about tipping on holiday

We surveyed people across the UK to find out the nation’s tipping behaviour. Only 19% of us are confident we know how much to tip, when on holiday overseas.

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How to save on your summer holiday money before you’ve even left the UK

Our tips on being travel savvy and organised before you fly can save you hundreds of pounds of your holiday money for the things that will really make your trip special...